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Written By: Josh Mosh
Dec 18 2011

The hardest thing for me about writing a year's end Top 10 list is trying to remember what fucking albums came out this year. Between my own purchases, the ThrashHead review pile, the reviews I do for Profane Existence and all the shit that people burn for me and try to turn me onto what they think is cool, a lot of music passes between my ears. It's hard to remember what came out when, I try to go through my notes and refresh my memory, but...I don't keep good notes.

Two albums I really wish could have made my top 10 were this year's releases from ANTHRAX and MEGADETH. The ANTHRAX album, although Eddie Trunk thinks it's their masterpiece (is he high?), didn't do it for me. It wasn't a thrash album and the ANTHRAX I listened to in high school was; and, man, I really wish Dave had another 'Peace Sells ' or 'Rust In Peace ' up his sleeve. I keep buying his albums and then I tell myself not to buy another MEGADETH album but then damn...I do any way. Will I ever learn? (Josh Mosh)

  1.  Ambeix-Sonic Mass
    amebix sonic mass cover art
    The album by which all albums could be measured. Months after it's release I am still discovering and unraveling layers of this masterpiece. If we were doing a list of top albums of the decade I think this would still retain the top spot. AMEBIX helped to invent crust and 20 years later they return to raise the bar. Incredible.
  2. GHOST – Opus Eponymous
    ghost opus eponymous cover art
    Unfucking real. The only reason this isn't number 1 is that GHOST is not AMEBIX. This album is the new extreme. I love that they rejected all current trends and went back to like a 70's hard rock sound with the Satanic twist. I don't normally get into the whole Satan thing (it's so played out and silly) but, this band of specters actually make it seem scary again!
    Police Bastard/War//Plague cover art
    This is it...WAR PLAGUE have the winning recipe when it comes to metallic crust, just the perfect blend of riffs and tone . Being that metallic crust if probably my favorite sub-genre of music I just can't get enough! POLICE BASTARD never disappoints and turns in a fine crust punk performance.
  4. SOCIAL DISTORTION – Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes
    social distortion hard times and nursery rhymes cover art
    No shit it's not a straight up punk record; S.D. hasn't done that in years, but what Mike and crew have continued to do is push themselves as songwriters and as a rock n' roll band. The songwriting on this album is unsurpassed and really earns Mike Ness a spot in musical history next to the other great song writers and his heroes, Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. With the variance in their sound over the years they have truly become the underground ROLLING STONES.
  5. TOXIC HOLOCAUST – Conjure and Command
    toxic holocaust conjure and command cover art
    By far the best album Joel and crew has put out. I kind of blew these dudes off for a few years but was lured back in by the cover art of this crossover masterpiece. Tighter than ever and with a full line-up TH offers up an ENGLISH DOGS influenced platter of headbanging thrash! Definitely the surprise album of the year for me!
  6. NUKKEHAMMER – Soviet Rust Belt 7"
    Nukkehammer soviet rust belt cover art
    I saw these guys in Texas at Chaos in Tejas earlier this year and was blown away, I thought they were easily one of the stand out bands of the entire festival. Their sound borrows from Animosity era CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and gives it their own unique twist to the thrash, punk, crust, metal, elixir!
  7. WARBRINGER – Worlds Torn Asunder
    warbringer worlds torn asunder cover art
    WARBRINGER are the leaders of the thrash revival in my opinion. This is by far their best and most well rounded album to date. Their live show is in-fucking-tense and they seem like nice guys. What more could you want?
  8. IN DEFENCE – Party Lines and Politics
    in defence party lines and politics cover art

    IN DEFENCE make political hardcore fun! All of their albums fucking rule are just a thrashing good time from beginning to end. Their more recent efforts have more of a crossover thrash feel to them than some of the earlier offerings and I fucking love it.
  9. GHOUL-Transmission Zero
    ghoul transmission zero cover art
    GHOUL are just fucking rad as shit! Musically they turn in an almost perfect mix of punk, thrash and death metal. Live they fucking own! Metal. Punk, horror, gore...what else do you need?
  10. ELM STREET – Barbed Wire Metal
    Elm Street Barbed Wire Metal cover art
    This was really a surprise find for me, the needle in the hay stack if you will. Powermetal that really leans heavily on the energy of thrash to keep it charging forward. I am certain we will be seeing more of these young rockers in the next couple of years.

Honorable Mention


  1. KICKER – Broken 7"
    kicker broken cover art 
  2. LITTLE MISS and the NO NAMES – Cassette
    little miss and the no names cover art 
  3. DOOM-Tour 7"
    doom tour cover art 
  4. AGAINST EMPIRE – Thieves and Leeches 12"
    against empire thieves and leeches cover art 
  5. EVILE-Five Serpent's Teeth
    evile five serpent's teeth cover art
  6. CAULDRON - Burning Fortune
    Cauldron Burning Fortune cover art
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