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BAND: Early Man
ALBUM: Death Potion
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Nov 22 2011

EARLY MAN really throws me for a loop. They play thrash but for about the first half of this disc it's more in the crossover style of EXCEL. The vocals are done in that angry talk style, never really getting too gnarly until about half way through the disc where the high pitched yells start coming in giving them a sort of NWOBHM twist. Either way these dudes bring home the jams!

Riffs galore as they kick out some thrashtastic riffage backed with the mandatory double-kick drum thunder. What I really like about the guitars is how simple they are, no ego stroking, noodle wanking BS and the tone is just plain killer. They know what the job at hand is and do a damn fine job of fulfilling the demand. In some sense it reminds me of the basic, yet mind blowing brilliance of METALLICA's 'Kill 'Em All'.

Apparently these dudes have been at it for a while. They been around the country touring with the likes of TOXIC HOLOCAUST and seem to record every time they set up base in a new city. Originating in NY they now call LA home after a small stay in the North West.

They pass my 4-year old's mosh test as every time I put this disc on he starts circle pitting around the coffee table, that really is the acid test. I'm stoked that this is a hard copy CD...Yeah see, that my friends is an advantage. When I can put it on my stereo and crank the shit out of the disc I am much more able to absorb and live the music. With downloads , I am scared to listen because threats of watermarked files and execution I can never really get that into the music, it ends up being background music on my computer while I do something else. EARLY MAN is keeping it real and sending out real CDs. Fuck yeah!

NO MORE BAD FUTURE. Skull Skates est. 1978
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