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ALBUM: Split 12"
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Aug 31 2011

I bought this record after I had gotten off work at 2 in the morning and stopped by a local watering hole to catch last call. I got there just as DRONE THRONE was loading up their gear after playing a set. I saw one of the guys had an AMEBIX shirt on and the soundman said they were good so I thought, what the hell, mind as well help out the touring band. So I checked to see if they had any vinyl for sale.

Glad I did, D.T. is doom gargled sludge with a cool metallic edge. The vocals are yelled over top of the droning heaviness. I mean they are really yelled, all the way through the Drone Throne side. They are really pissed about it. I like the effect it accomplishes, makes me feel the dire mood of the music. The shouting creates urgency to an otherwise relatively slow style of music. A lot of these kinds of bands end up sounding a lot alike so you need something to set you apart and the vocals do that for D.T.

D.T. fall into some of the typical SABBATH worship through out but manage to avoid the obvious trappings of stoner metal. Each song has a little signature part to it, some weird guitar part or odd riff thrown in. The absence of solos is not missed. An occasional pinch harmonic is all you get here, bud. The first song on mine had a skip in it as well, I don't know if that is a factory flaw, hopefully not. Their side is recorded pretty well, plenty of sludge without the mud but I feel it could be a pinch heavier.

To figure out which band you are listening to have to match the strange drawings on the back of the sleeve with the correlating picture on the record. Well DRONE THRONE's is cool but TOAD's drawing is of a bleeding, naked girl with a worm coming out of her armpit. Kind of stupid.

This, obviously, is not the Toad from the 70's that had a member of HAWKWIND in them. The music is sort of a melodic hardcore that has a slight emo bite with shouting lyrics and a key board over the top some of it. At first I thought it was feed back but then I realized it was someone shredding up some keys.

TOAD's myspace says that they are black metal. No, not so much. They look more like hipsters than metal heads and I can't find a shred of black metal influence in their tunes.

The art work in this record is hilarious. The hand drawn pictures of the bands are cheesy as all hell. DRONE THRONE is the stand out for me on this record. I really like their side of the split and have jammed it multiple times.

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