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ALBUM: No Light at the End of the Tunnel CD
YEAR: 2011

Less Art Records PO Box 2963, Denver CO, 80201

Written By: Josh Mosh
May 18 2011

This 4 song CD captures DRIPFED's 7" of the same title in a digital format.  DRIPFED are a who's who of Denver punkers enlisting members of a bevy of Denver bands from over the last few years (SCARCASM, VALIOMIERDA, DEADPAN and CLUSTERFUX) into a crusty war machine.  DRIPFED borrow from many corners of the crust universe incorporating grind, melodic doom, BOLTTHROWER metallic crust and punk rock into a cocktail of anger and aggression. 

Jill's vocals are a startling shriek of rage and despair as she spits out lyrics toppling topics such as the war machine, the myth of clean coal, and the ever expanding gap between the rich and the rest of us.  Other comparisons that might be fair to draw are APPALACIAN TERROR UNIT, STORMCROW, or even MISERY.  The production is what hinders me from giving this effort 4 or more stars.  At times, the recording sounds a bit like a demo and the guitar tones sometimes suffer as result.  One can only be impressed with the fact that DRIPFED have only been together for about a year or so, but already have a 7", a CD and tour under their studded belts. 

They have even been in the studio twice in recent weeks recording for a couple of other new projects and have been playing out a lot; but my understanding is that they might slow down a little on the local front.  The busiest bunch o' punx in town!

Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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