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BAND: Dresden
ALBUM: Extinguish The Cross
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Attucks
Jan 30 2012

The first thing that jumped out right away on this two song recording was the absurdly sick drumming and production to back it. The double bass, drum rolls, breaks and beat changes are on point. I wonder who is playing drums on this. I've seen them live twice with a different drummer each time. The first was at one of the Chicago Apocalyptic Crust Fests, the second in Denver. Both times they raged it.

I didn't receive any info with this except for the two songs and the cover. I know them to have political lyrics and from what I could make out, these seem to follow the same ilk. Dresden is melodic at times, its D-beat at times and it's always crusty. Actually, I would have to say that they are not quite that simplistic.

Both metal influenced punk songs are filled with cool break downs, hooks with unique twists, raging duel vocals and mother fucking screaming guitar solos. Thank you! I feel that is what is lacking in a lot of good punk is ripping guitar solos. The first song Extinguish the Cross busts out two doozies. One sick ass blazing solo comes blasting in right on time. Immediately after the Axe Grinder like intro breaks the guitar madness begins. Hell Ya! The riff structure reminds me of bands more associated with the North West than from Mid-west. These guys are holding it down in Wisconsin for sure. At first listen both songs are kind of similar sounding with intros that crescendo up into d-beat madness. With further listens I began to recognize and really dig the little change ups. I was amazed by all the different types of break downs that are achieved and then displayed across these two molten rivers of punk rock magma.

The song Shallow Grave became my favorite of the two "Do you feel justified, justified!!! Extinguish the Cross is cool too but I really dig the growling vocals over the drum rolls on Shallow Grave. Jeremy Clark is the artist that drew the evil skull and gears that adorns this vinyl's sheath.

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