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BAND: Dr. Living Dead
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Dec 27 2011

Dr Living Dead Band Portrait

Skull masks, bandanas, upturned bills and flannel shirts...you'd think you were looking at a group of dudes from the L.A. basin, but no, this crossover/thrash outfit named Dr. Living Dead hails outta the almost mystical frozen northern European land of metal known as Sweden; and, with a sound and style deeply reminiscent of Suicidal Tendencies, this album puts out some seriously solid tracks.

Heavier crossover tracks like "Die Hard" gives way to others like "My Brain Is For Sale" and "Feeding The Cyco" which could easily have come from Muir's own repertoire; vocals and choruses are so similar to ST, I find myself forgetting' I am even listening to another band. 80's Suicidal skate thrash and perhaps even some bay influences, Dr. Living Dead lays down an almost retro style and rips it up.

Don't get me wrong, songs like "World War Nine", "Slime From Above" and "Kill Me" are straight up thrash, yet there is no getting over the Dogtown influence...hell, even the track "Streets of Doctown" (Doc as in Doctor) make this apparent.

With titles like "Chucky", "Gremlin's Night" and "U.F.O. Attack" there is a definite campy horror feel to a few of the songs which are laden with crunchy thrash goodness.

For a first release, it's got a quite a bit to offer and these guys aren't exactly novices, they've toured with Slayer and are gonna play some shows in 2012 with U.K. thrash lords Evile (check flyer at bottom of page for dates); but, I would have to say, that I will certainly be looking forward to further releases from these guys as they come into their own and develop a sound which is more uniquely theirs.

Many of the bands we love have grown up emulating the sound of others, it's what brings them to a point where they are able to surpass those they've listened to throughout their lives and I have a definite feeling, due to the fact that each of these songs pretty much shred, that we will be hearing a lot from Dr. Living Dead in the years to come.

If you're a Cyco who digs listening to some killer thrash as you go for that front-side layback to percussive skull bongo in the local keyhole bowl, then this is the album for you!

Evile and Dr Living Dead tour dates

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