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BAND: Doperunner
YEAR: 2014
Written By: Fish
Jun 02 2014

doperunner self titled debut lp cover art

So, last December I introduced you guys to DOPERUNNER, a grindcore super group phenomena of epic proportions. I won't run through all the introductions again. Even then, while reviewing their demo, I knew they had a full length release in the works. Well, here it is! Bam!

These guys have done it once again without losing stride at all! Pumping out a fucking furiously rhythmic brand of grind, these dudes are fucking maestros in their field, and it shows! And can you believe it, they're kicking out this debut LP on 3 different formats? That's right, I said that! 14 tracks of pure gasoline charged power grace this release, with a bonus track appearing on the LP. The self titled cassette will release this June, followed in August by both the CD and the vinyl. There is something for every taste out there!

doperunner live

Even though, as I mentioned, I did just review these guys, there isn't really enough I can tell you about what DOPERUNNER really is. This isn't the same power violence or grindcore you find in other places. This far exceeds what the normal realm of genre classification can even define within the creative lovechild of these seasoned veterans! You really need to check this out for yourself.

Recorded at Firestorm Studios, mixed and mastered by Jeff Alexis, and pressed by Give Praise Records, DOPERUNNER's self titled platter of disaster really is a must have just in time for summer. And this is a true DIY effort with serious collaboration by Blast Head Records, Ale Wülf Tapes, Disgusting Noise Records, Get Up and Kill Records, Karasu Killer Records, Equivokke Records, Fuck Your Life Records, What's Left Records, and even Alton himself! What a solid group contribution! You will want the windows and top down while blasting this down the road to share with every unwary bystander out there!

So, keep in touch with the band on Facebook  not only to find your copy of this kick ass prize, but to keep up to date on tour dates, as I hear there may be plans for the road in the near future. And what better way to score merch than directly from the band at a show, right? Cheers!!


Give Praise Records is a powerviolence, fastcore, hardcore, grindcore, and metal record label and mailorder. We have been shreddin' since 2005 - and are 60+ releases strong! We have worked with Severe, Brody's Militia, Hummingbird of Death, Killed In Action, and tons more!
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