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BAND: Doprunner
ALBUM: Smutpeddler Demo
YEAR: 2013


Written By: Fish
Dec 31 2013

If you remember Forced Instinct, Aberrant, and Catheter, which, by all means, you should, then what I'm about to tell you is going to freak your fucking mind! I know it did mine when I first heard this news, and it still does. From the ashes and former ranks of these powerful groups, a few of the forever battle ready and profoundly formidable members have risen, once again, to take on yet a new logo and pump out a fucking unrelenting new project. Thus I present to you DOPERUNNER!

Jeff Malpezzi (Aberrant) takes on drums, while Bryan Wendzel handles bass, leaving Keith Sanchez (Catheter) to shred guitar, and Alton Aberrant (Forced Instinct, Aberrant) to dole out the vocal renderings he is well known for.

Their debut demo, "Smutpeddler", hit the streets with 4 tracks of high octane fucking grind mayhem that kicks some serious ass! No joke! These are fucking heavy, fast, pit starting rhythmic riots that not only get your juices flowing, but come packed right along with a blistering groove too!

Keith is no freshman on the axe by any means, and handles fast transitioning and sliding riffs that just make me jump out of my seat! And Jeff and Bryan are a pummeling package to deliver a heart rendering percussion! This shit is just no joke! And then...then...Alton's intense, jugular bulging vocal attack tops this off, balanced brilliantly with Keith offering dueling backing vocals!

The demo, offered in a full color sleeve along with insert, was recorded live and mixed by Nathan Conn. The quality here is fantastic, which is not surprising as to why it sold out almost as fast as it hit the street, but DOPERUNNER wants you to rest assured that they have a full length LP already in the works. In the meantime, they want to encourage folks to visit their BandCamp page and download and bootleg the hell out of the demo. That's right. Enjoy and share. But keep in touch with DOPERUNNER on Facebook to follow tour dates, and to receive your copy of the full length album as soon as it releases. This is an act you do not want to fucking miss!

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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