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Written By: Val Landrum
Jan 17 2012

sticks from doom

Bury the Debt! Not the Dead! – In a world on the verge of economic collapse while new wars pop up like zits on the face of humanity those words have never been more relevant!

DOOM is iconic to crust and anarcho-punk in general. They have one of the most distinctive logos ever and even record/song titles with 'Police Bastard'. Having formed in the latter half of the 80's the band has seen several line-up changes and even hiatuses over the course of their existence. Even NAPALM DEATH sticksman Mick Harris sat behind the stool at one time. The bands influence gave back to Thrash Metal more than it had borrowed and has had a lasting and unchallenged impact on global punk and the crust punk sub-genre especially.

By the late 90's the band had resumed touring and recording amid almost constant line-up changes and seemed to have regained some momentum. Sadly on March 18th of 2005 Wayne Southworth (lead singer) was found dead in his home of an epileptic seizure.

In 2011 punkdom rejoiced as word spread that DOOM had reunited! To ice that cake they put together a US tour and made a historic appearance at the Chaos in Tejas festival in Austin Texas. To our elation Attucks, Val and Josh Mosh were all at that show and were blown away by the awesome crust assault that was bestowed upon us!

ThrashHead: 25 years of crust!!!!! Amazing, isn't it? Does DOOM have any extra special plans for celebrating this milestone?

Stick: We're waiting for the queen to give us all MBE's but got a feeling it might not happen, Nothing major to be honest, just plugging away, business as usual.

ThrashHead: What has the response been to the new seven inch? Will the European edition of the Reasonable Force Ep have additional tracks?

Stick: We've had a lot of good reviews; people seem to think we are still relevant which is the best praise I suppose. The European version will be missing "Open Mind Surgery", but we recorded a CELTIC FROST cover (Nocturnal Fear) to replace it. There will be a cd release with all the tracks on it. While we were in the studio we did a version of 'Warsystem' by the SHITLICKERS so that might make it onto the CD too

ThrashHead: So Stick, you have been an amazing presence in the UK punk scene for over 20 years playing in so many other amazing bands (EXCREMENT OF WAR, ENT, DIRT, RUIN, CONTEMPT, etc....), How on earth do you keep it all straight? Do you have other projects working now?

Stick: It's not like I was doing them all at the same time, I think I was in three bands at one time, can be fun trying to keep 3 set lists in your head, but it got me out of the house & around the world.

The problem was I'd get drunk then say yes to anyone who asked me to drum for them. I since learned to say no, so nothing new at the moment. Doing DOOM & the VARUKERS is enough for now

ThrashHead: Is DOOM writing more new material? I heard that there is an LP in the works... Can you share a bit about what topics will be tackled on it? What is pissing off DOOM today? Same Shit, Different Day?

Stick: The guys have been writing riffs (the good thing of having 3 guitarist in the band). I haven't seen all the lyrics as they only really appear when we have a song to put them on. I wrote a few and they're about things like people who assume you have the same views, usually (mistakenly assuming that you are) racist & some lyrics about how naive some people can be. Early days, you'll have to wait & see; we might mellow & sing about kittens & rainbows.

ThrashHead: Are there any thoughts for another US tour? 2011 saw DOOM in the US for the first time, what was the overall response and were you surprised by it? (I was at the Chaos in Texas show and the crowd was ecstatic and DOOM certainly delivered!)

Stick: We have no plans for another tour state side yet; it took 24 years to sort that one. The response was great; I think it surprised Greg who did the tour for us more than us. I had problems getting into the US years ago so I didn't even know if I'd get in, so it was a big relief to get to play & lay to rest the spectre of the tour I did in the US with DIRT, the only time on tour I'd wished I could go home early

ThrashHead: Tell me about the show DOOM played on the boat in Texas...And I believe you had to use a trashcan for a bass drum? That had to be a pretty unique experience.

Stick: Yeah, we did the show on the boat. I remember seeing the drums & thinking it was pretty stripped down, no high hats, only a floor tom & one ride cymbal & bass drum. The first band put the bass drum through, so the second band turned the floor tom on its side & that went through so it was a snare & a cymbal. There was a big plastic dustbin so I put rocks in it to stop it moving but the pedal wouldn't fix to it so it wasn't a perfect replacement but that or nothing.

I learned that you can get away with very little when you're up against it. Bri kept shouting out songs, I'd say I hadn't enough drums to play that, then we'd do it anyway. The show is on youtube, something like "doom on a boat in Texas" you'll see what I mean.

ThrashHead: What other things inspire you guys? Are you involved in other stuff? What else do you do with your time?

Stick: Bri runs the recording studio at the 1 in 12 Club, Den has a tattoo shop, Scoot does 5 bands, I've recently being refitting out my canal boat (where I live..)

ThrashHead: Are any of you guys parents? If so, what do your kids think of DOOM and the cult status that you have?

Stick: Den has kids, his youngest thinks it's great, we have a picture of her with a DOOM patch on her coat like Lady Gaga.

ThrashHead: I see that there is some re-mastered stuff coming soon. "Total Doom" on Svart Records from Finland and Agipunk are doing "Doomed Again" double LP of old re-mastered tracks.

Are you amazed by the continued interest in the early DOOM material? How did the re-mastering come out? (we certainly can't wait to hear 'em)

Stick: I'm amazed anyone liked them the first time around, so re-releasing them is double amazing to me. I never liked 'War Crimes' much, the recording that is, it was a case of we had no real experience in studios so got bullshitted a lot over what they would & could do.

The 'Doomed Again' stuff is something I wanted to do for a long time, get together all the ep's splits, comp tracks & put them all in one place so people can get hold of them rather than paying a load of cash on ebay for a 7" Bri did the re-mastering so it gave him a chance to get them sounding more like what we wanted in the first place.

ThrashHead: Looking back, do you see that punk has made any difference in the world? People sometimes say that "punk preaches to the converted", how do you feel about that?

Stick: It made a difference to my life; it made the fact that anyone can be in a band & do something positive possible. Before punk, music & bands were this world you couldn't enter unless you had spent 20 years at music school, so it opened up possibilities that were there but no one had really acknowledged, or at least I hadn't.

I became a veggie after listening to CONFLICT,I wasn't "converted" before that so yeah, there's a lot of preaching to the converted, but there's also sowing seeds of possibilities in people's minds. Some people will just listen to DOOM (&other punk) & get off on the music & pay the lyrics no heed but some people will be inspired by them. We put out what we want to say & it's up to people to listen or not. To us it's important to say something. Punk has inspired a load of good stuff; I like the fact that people do distros, fanzines & gigs with no big business involved. I think it has empowered a generation

ThrashHead: DOOM has certainly seen its share of line-up changes over the years...Do you feel you have found yet another definitive line-up to carry on? How did you pull everyone together for this line-up?

Stick: This line up is great, I'm really happy with the way it has all meshed together, Den has stepped into the vocals & done us proud (he'd been bassist & guitarist before) Scoot & Den had both been members before but in different line ups (Den replaced Scoot on bass) so it's old members rejoining but a slightly different slant.

ThrashHead: DOOM are legendary for their boozy antics. Are you all still fans of cheap scrumpy? Has age forced you to take it easier?

Stick: I think Bri still hit's the cider, I'm more a imported Czech beer type. To slightly change a saying, life is too short to drink bad beer. Scoot the ale drinker (northern upbringing I reckon). We're all still a bunch of boozers, that aint changed.

ThrashHead: Are you a dog or cat guy? Can a person be both?

Stick: I'm definitely a cat person. I have a little long haired black & white runt of a thing called Lucyfur. I had a job working in a cat sanctuary, which was fulfilling & upsetting at the same time.

One of my earliest memories is of being attacked by an Alsatian (still got a scar) so that never endeared the beasts to me. Bri has a dog called Devo & Den has a cat too.

I remember when Den was on guitar in Doom, we were going on tour in Ireland. We went round Den's flat to pick him & his guitar gear up. Anyway, we got to Ireland, played the first gig then left the gear onstage to pick up the next day. Next day we arrive at the venue & can hear a cat meowing loudly, we looked about then realized that it was coming from Dens guitar cab. He had a handle missing from the side & the cat had crawled inside & spent the journey & the gig in the cab. It survived ok, & got a tour of Ireland in the van. You don't get many bands with a litter tray in their tour van, another first.

ThrashHead: What would you like to say to sum up your thoughts? This is your last chance (for now anyway) to tell us what's on yer mind!

Stick: erm! Thanks for the chance to waffle. We are organizing gigs, so if you get chance come along,( don't bring any animals. ) We'd like to gig more but with all the other stuff that gets in the way it's hard to co-ordinate it all.

Hopefully we'll accomplish all the stuff we have set ourselves, even if it takes a bit longer than we hoped. Check out the DOOM website if you want an update on our shenanigans or buy something DOOM related. Later dude!

Doom - Agree To Differ (Demo) by cryostasium


Doom @ Emo's by OdenIHY

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