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BAND: Dominanz
ALBUM: As I Shine
YEAR: Aug 19 2011

Industrial Silence Production / Rock N Growl

Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 05 2011

Right from the start DOMINANZ remind of KFDM. Who, by the way, were pretty damn fun for a spell in the early 90's.  My buddy Mondo and I used to crank that shit out of some KMFDM.

The industrial beats are heavy and driving with perfectly distorted (and way produced) guitars playing very basic thrash / death metal riffs that rarely if ever break in to a lead.

The is a very dark mystique to this album that could be pointed back to a SISTERS OF MERCY influence with the deep voice but just when you are settling in the vocals get all evil and shit with a DIMMU BORGIR black metal satanic screech.

The pace rarely breaks from a steady pounding, never too fast never too slow, like that of machine (the industrial influence).

The female voice is also reminiscent of SISTERS OF MERCY or even MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL CULT.  And again, that is really what we have here.  If any of the aforementioned bands were newer today they too would have drawn on the influences of black metal, it seems so fitting and such a natural progression.

DOMINANZ do a terrific job of using their influences both metal and industrial/goth to deliver a very entertaining disc that manages to steer away from comic book rockers CRADLE OF FILTH who really seemed to have become a parody of themselves.

While DOMINANZ is not they are not quite the type of shit I normally rock to I think fans of any of the bands mentioned above would find this group to be well worth the seeking out as they are very talented, very entertaining and again this is a really well done recording, almost perfect in sound quality.

The End of All There Is - Dominanz by General5034

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