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BAND: Diamond Plate
ALBUM: Generation Why?
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 10 2011

I have had a hard time with the retro-thrash movement.  Most of the bands seem to be going through the motions and have very little to offer of their own.  WARBRINGER is the obvious exception to this as the leaders of this new wave of thrash. 

DIAMOND PLATE struggle to keep up and on their upcoming tour with WARBRINGER they are going to have to pull out all the stops if they are to capture some of WARBRINGER’s ever growing fan base.  This album chugs along at mostly what is considered a mid tempo in the fast and furious world of thrash. 18 year old Konrad Kupiec keeps this album alive with some decent riffs and melodic leads.  He has room to grow and I am sure he will be a house hold name in a few years (well if you live in a home of metal dudes). 

In fact the entire band does a great job of creating some mid era (Souls of Black, Low) TESTAMENT inspired thrash metal.  Tracks like ‘More Than Words’ have a cool groove to them, in fact this is a stand track for me with the back-up gang vocals, Lombardo inspired drumming and smooth guitar leads.  Dude!  The leads at the end of this song are fucking shredding, they should have let that jam carry on for a few more measures as they built up the speed. 

Two things DIAMOND PLATE need to do in order to avoid being a third tier act is 1) speed it up here and there and inject some energy into the music.  Most of the album moves along at the same pace and I don’t sense enough anger and aggression, 2) Do something about the vocals.  The metal-core, screamo vocals are delivered without variance and after a few songs get kind of monotonous.  They don’t keep my attention and I find myself belting out my own vocals to add some dynamics.  I let out a few good screams here and there and it all starts to come together. 

These dudes are young and have a lot of promising thrashing ahead of them.  Keep your ears open, these dudes are going to perfect their approach and we will all be thrashing on the DIAMOND PLATE in the very near future.

Diamond Plate "Generation Why?" by Earache Records

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