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BAND: Destruction
ALBUM: Spiritual Genocide
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Jan 26 2013

The album is on, there's a couple seconds of breathless anticipation, what will the latest from Destruction be like? The, a melodic guitar and martial drumbeat intro lets me know it's setting me up for a punch... and when it does take off, it's like a knuckles to the bridge of my nose; brutal crunch which shows no mercy!

Destruction without a doubt is a legendary band, one of the most important and influential of the Teutonic school and, unlike what has become of some of the American greats, they've kept throwing down with unadulterated thrash metal; so, don't be expecting to be let down with some kind of ridiculousness  (i.e. LULU) here! Fuck no!

Of course, like any of the bands which have survived into a new century, "Spiritual Genocide" is going to suffer the unremitting comparisons to earlier albums which is incredibly unfortunate because so many fans expect the same thing out of a band even decades after their debut LP! Destruction, as is the case with Kreator, Testament, Death Angel, Sodom, Onslaught and other elder statesmen of the genre, have been able to evolve their sound while remaining 100% dedicated to thrash fucking metal.

A true test of any thrash album is how well the blast beats and crunchy riffs can generate a pit of sweat soaked maniacal headbangers! Well, this fucker passes the test with flying colors! "Spiritual Genocide" is as strong as any earlier Destruction release with its unbridled velocity born of years of heavy metal mastery.

Where other certain bands, who will remain nameless, have begun to develop music born of the fanciful delusions brought forth by mainstream commercial success, Destruction has adhered to what makes them great; a tight and controlled barrage of aggressive, relentless metal.

DESTRUCTION - Carnivore (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Nuclear Blast Records

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