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Written By: Rene
Aug 29 2012

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I haven't written a rant in some time, but this is a matter which I feel I need to mention a few words always, take it easy, I may catch some flak for this one, but hey, it's a take a deep breath before cluttering up the comments.

As someone who has been abroad for quite some time, there are two things which have really struck me about my country, one is the way in which Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are at each other's throats, completely disregarding what is the larger, nobler cause which is to continue the struggle, as Lincoln so eloquently put it, for "a more perfect Union".

Note: Oddly enough, President Obama titled a speech he gave on March 18th, 2008 (while still a candidate for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination) "A More Perfect Union".

The second is how it seems there is a blatant, ceaseless manipulation of the populace's psyche by playing on their fears, lust, gluttony and envy every moment of the day; much more so than anything I've witnessed in other countries. The television blares out how BP is supporting the folks down in the Gulf region of America, cheery female voices, which seem stoned on Quaaludes or Valium, droning on from super market loudspeakers tell us what a joy it is to eat the "goodness" of genetically modified foods, Golden Corral, a business which is the perfect example of gluttony, waste and disease, has a slogan which beseeches; "Help Yourself To Happiness", the Bible Belt, so full of god fearin' Christian folk, decorate the side of their highways with huge billboards announcing strip clubs and porn shops at Exit 13.

So many things have hit me like a ton of bricks; I never grew accustomed to the changes in my own country...I've equated it to like having a relative who you knew well when they were children, but haven't seen for twenty years; in your mind's eye they are still a child, but the moment you see them, every change becomes incredibly apparent from the minute to the obvious.

But another thing seems apparent...that there is something vastly more sinister stirring under the belly of the morbidly obese monstrosity which we call our government...that democracy is nothing but a mere facade, a smokescreen to dazzle both the ignorant and the pretentious who believe themselves to be "intellectuals" because a piece of paper says they spent four years becoming as highly educated as they are sophisticated (when in reality it was just a very expensive job training course). Both right and left, conservative and liberal, seem to think that democracy, as it was intended to be on these shores, exists. I say, the democracy envisioned by the likes of Jefferson has never been realized, that as a nation we are but in our adolescence and, as is with life when one is a teenager, harsh truths have to be confronted in order to learn a lesson and grow up.

Mitt Romney's campaign is a farce, so much so, that I wondered to myself how was it possible, that people who are fairly intelligent, who are supposed to be some of the brightest minds in political strategy would make such obvious mistakes...I asked myself this with Palin being chosen for the VP slut errrr slot...then it occurred to me...Romney is not meant to win and Palin being selected to run with McCain in the 2008 elections was an act of sabotage.

Eisenhower was very, very clear with his warnings...he wasn't a fringe "lunatic conspiracy theorist" he was probably one of the last great leaders of the United States, next to Kennedy...a Republican President warned us, and the Democrat who followed was martyred (oooh should I use that word? perhaps I am being overly "radical")

Now bear with me for a moment, what if, I am just asking, what if the following are true; that Romney isn't meant to win? That it's true financial institutions and very specific interests hold sway over the government? That democracy itself is manipulated, whatever the cost, to achieve certain ends?

You can identify fascism can't you? Sure, it's black uniformed troops goose-stepping down Main Street...isn't it?

Think like a strategist for a moment, an intelligence spook maybe, an individual who has sold their soul...if you want your candidate to win, would you not go about it methodically? Wouldn't you think ten moves ahead as a chess master would? Of course, you wouldn't let your candidate's campaign evolve into an almost comical meltdown.

So, let's say that everything is true, there is no democracy, that both parties are but two arms of the same beast; If your goal was to continue policy, as it has been more or less unchanged with regards to our civil liberties and energy since Dubya, how could you guarantee such a thing could happen? How could you ensure people would freely and most assuredly vote for the person you want to win? How could you make a populace embrace servitude within a police state run by money and not justice? Why, show them the face of fascism of course! Show them what's wrong, give them a 1%er who is completely out of touch with the average Joe and the people hate, show them disregard for reproductive rights, show them people who wish to deny you justice on the grounds of their religious beliefs, show them all these things and they will freely support what you throw at them via the other candidate.

You are the vastness of, as Eisenhower put it, the Military Industrial Complex, you want energy companies to reign supreme, you want to control your populace, yet you want them to embrace put out two candidates, one who espouses everything the apathetic majority hates, and you put out another who smiles and gives you hope....which one would the people most likely vote for? Maybe the face of fascism has grown to be something far more insidious than any Orwellian imagery our imaginations can conjure up.

Now, as I said, it's just a thought which occurred to me and before some of you start ranting that I am one of those nut jobs who holds up pictures of Obama with Hitler's moustache painted across his upper lip at tea bagger rallies, ask yourself another question; "How many rights has the current administration returned to the people? How many energy policies has he reversed?"...sadly none.

Ask yourself why is it all the major news media outlets don't touch on issues of importance? Rarely speak about blatant cases which abuse the government's power over the Bill of Rights? Why is it only news outlets such as RT (keep in mind, which is a Russian socio/political tool) bring up certain issues? Why do so many Americans turn to documentaries, some of which are quite dubious, to become informed? One documentary which you should check out if you believe yourself to be a sane person who is not at all aligned with "conspiracy nuts" is "The End of America" which is based on Naomi Wolf's best seller "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot".

What's the answer when you know the system is rigged? Change the fucking system; make lobbying illegal, enact campaign finance reform, and give congress term limits and maybe, we can continue down the road to a true democracy. Hopefully over the next decade or so, we can see the emergence of a viable third party, a moderate party which can include both right leaning and left leaning people, a party which can somehow fight against the lobby whores of Washington with the support of the people, a party who holds the Bill of Rights in the highest regard and understand that we as a nation have become a teenaged, power mad bully which has yet to still fulfill the idea which was outlined in the following words; "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Of course there is one more answer; walk the fuck away, go somewhere else, live by any means necessary, get off the grid and let others deal with it...if they can.

Whether or not my little hypothesis is correct, matters little, because both you and I, Democrat, Independent, and Republican know perfectly well that there is something very rotten with American's up to you, stand united and bicker later or let the madness take over until you find your aquifer's destroyed, children with leukemia, cousin in Gitmo, and you called a terrorist for speaking certain views? Will you let the first amendment go? How about the second? The third? You're already a slave to the you're not? What do you do with your paycheck then?

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