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BAND: Deceased
ALBUM: Surreal Overdose
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 18 2011

How's this for some trivia?...DECEASED has been together since 1984 and was the first band signed to Relapse Records.  I had one of those early 7"s but sold it a few years ago.

But even with such a lengthy history DECEASED has managed to dwell in relative obscurity since the beginning.  They are a band I am familiar with but for all their history and output I am not familiar with them.  I only have one other release and that is 2000's 'Supernatural Addiction'.

'Surreal Overdose' blows the doors off of 'Supernatural Addiction' and I'll tell you why...

Let's start with the tempo of the album.  The drums on this effort are lighting fast and blast their way through song after song.  With that frantic pace set the dual guitars are tasked with having to spit forth shredding thrash / death metal riffs at a complimenting speed.  Most of what I am familiar with of this band plodded along at mid tempos that often failed to grab my attention.  This is a ripper from start to finish.  Some of these leads are just sick as hell and stab right through the speakers into your wax filled ear.

The most surprising thing though is King Fowley's vocals are full and powerful.  To me, his vocals were the most annoying thing of 'SA'.  He still delivers his tales of horror and gore in his almost trademark pained urgency but with a new found power.  They are not as thin and frail as they have been on previous efforts.  On the first track, 'Skin Crawling Process' he belts forth with confidence and even throws in a bad ass scream!

What this album is missing is the hook.  The chorus' are not memorable and the hook is just non-existent.  There is not much that keeps the songs from blending together as one big gory heavy metal stew.

Earlier I mentioned that this band has lingered in obscurity for decades and I can offer several reasons as to why:

As far as I know DECEASED has done little to no touring.  That has not all.

The vocals.  They have been weak in the past, are more powerful now, but don't change much.  I sense the potential there but some additional effort is needed to really get people to pay attention.

And lastly, the hook, or lack there of.  I seem to recall that being an issue with 'Supernatural Addiction' as well.

The potential is there....Make the offerings and cast the spells.  Unleash the true metal potential of this wandering band.

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