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Written By: Dave
Nov 13 2013

Let me start this off with... I love weekend shows!! We old timers need our sleep and Sunday was made for that!!

I was originally supposed to do an interview with Cam Pipes from 3 Inches of Blood but he was doing double duties this tour as both musician and tour manager; plus, there was a really cool new record store next door so who wants to blab when you can find great shit for your collection and have very little time to do it?

I love Club Red because they don't mess around with time!! Doors open at 6 and the first band hit the stage at 6:30. It was like clockwork the rest of the night.

The first band was local talent from Mesa called Ye'iitsoh. Ye'iitsoh in Navajo means giant monster. This is what Charlie, the VERY large Native American Metal head singer for said band told me. Charlie was all over the club, both the bar and the underage section pressing the flesh. He was introducing himself and the band and giving out guitar picks with their name on 'em! He came up to me and liked my BATHORY vest. He of course had a killer IMMORTAL back patch!! When these guys hit the stage I was in metal heaven. Anytime I hear dinks talk about how metal is dead I get pissed off! Ye'iitsoh "s members can't be any older than 22 and ripped the can of METAL whoop ass right open. They are a five pc of very talented young guys. Both lead and rhythm guitar players have their own definite style and you can tell they love what they do!! The bass player thumps along in a very early Steve Harris sort of way. The drummer didn't miss a beat and didn't have any funky time changes! The band reminded me of an EARLY Paul Di'anno/Clive Burr Iron Maiden with Abbath inspired vocals. Very good metal with a definite feel of bigger things to come. I will definitely try to check these guys out soon and may try to get a chance to talk to Charlie and some of the guys. It was hard Saturday because all of the bands were incredible! And no one wanted to miss anything!

Ye’iitsoh live at club red in tempe arizona

Diamond Plate was next and pretty much were spot on. These Illinois boyz know how to head bang!! They are a three piece that just ripped; technically tight and jam pretty well!! The head banging and wind milling was impressive; Mountains of Madness Live KILLED!!!! I can do without the Faith no More shirt on the guitar player!!! I hate Mike PATTON!!! YOUNG BLOOD ripping METAL! Diamond Plate packs a huge punch live!

Revocation came on next and just opened up the sky with their blend of Death, Thrash, and Metalcore. These guys keep getting better every time I see them; tight and quick... Don't blink you might miss something!!!

Battlecross followed, I have their first cd, so I was excited to see them live and they didn't disappoint by coming out of the gate raging!! Synchronized windmill/head banging still rules!! Something old and something new, Battlecross brought the metal! They had the drummer from ALL SHALL PERISH banging the shit out of the skins!! I love how the METAL COMMUNITY is like that!!

battlecross live in tempe arizona

battlecross unleashing in tempre arizona

3 Inches of Blood took the stage next and proceeded to unleash METAL WOMAN as the opener!! These Canadians play HEAVY METAL!!! They sound just as good live as they do on CD. I wondered if Cam could keep it up for a live show and he DOES!! His voice never falters and the band just drives ahead like a screaming metal juggernaut!! 3 Inches of Blood played everything you would want to hear off all their cd's. I couldn't get over how well they sounded in person and was really impressed!! Goat Riders Horde is even BETTER LIVE!!! DO NOT MISS the chance to see 3 Inches of Blood IN CONCERT!!

3 inches of blood in concert

Canadian metal powerhouse 3 inches of blood

And, finally, the masters themselves Death Angel. Mind you, we have had 5 raging metal bands to get us into the mood!! When the lights dimmed and the eerie blue arctic like fog floated and bubbled out over the stage we knew we were in for a GRAND FINALE!! I honestly haven't listened to much Death Angel since the Killing Season album [too many new releases and not enough money!!] It didn't matter; they came out and just proceeded to THRASH their way through the evening. Rob was technically adept when he was 17 and has done nothing but perfect his art since then!! Mark was in perfect vocal form! Ted, Damien and Beastman brought the entire show to the top. I was a little troubled by Mark's grey beard!! These guys were the young guns back in the day and now they are looking old; which, shit, means I AM FUCKING OLD!!! Metal never dies people!! This WHOLE SHOW is proof of that!

mists of heavy metal, death angel!

legends of thrash!

From the opening tunes to the last tendrils of fog, HEAVY METAL RULED this SHOW!!! I only wish Ye'iitsoh was on the tour so everybody could see the new face of METAL!!!!! This bill is one of the better ones out there right now. ALL the bands KILLED!!! Get up off your ASS and support the up and comers and throw a nod of well earned respect to the old schoolers!!

tearing shit up!

getting the crowd fired up!!

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