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BAND: Deadly Reign
ALBUM: No End In Sight 12" LP
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Val Landrum
Jul 19 2011

MMMMMMMMMM.....Crusty Metallic D-beat goodness! This LP unleashes right from the get go. They open the album with a classic d-beat intro that sounds like it could be early DISFEARr, which, in my book, is a VERY good thing.

You got me on the hook. From there they really show their dedication to the genre of heavy HC d-beat with songs that show some complexity and maturity. This has the kind of riffs that make me think it could come out on Distortion Records out of Sweden back in the early nineties. Think 'Absolute Country' era ANTI-CIMEX and you will be on the right path.

Comprised of Raygunn from GLYCINE MAX and SCARRED FOR LIFE on guitar, Guerinot from WORLD BURNS TO DEATH on drums, and Gushammer barking out the vocals and delivering perfectly distorted bass, DEADLY REIGN deliver the goods as you would expect from these guys. With titles like "Who Are We Shooting At?", "Religious Genocide" and "Darkened Sky" you know its not the next happy pop sensation, but that these guys are not afraid to tackle the screwed up world we have on our hands head on. The track "Time to Die" is a standout song here for me.

Guerinot brings precision drumming to this LP, that is interesting without being "showy" or contrived and the buzz-saw guitars blend perfectly with the bass assault and snarling vocals to make a devastating overall sound that I love. Did I mention the beautifully rendered cover art?

Holy Apocalyptic Visions! I just hope that these Austin Texas guys head out on tour soon and make Denver one of their stops.

Check the vid of them in action in 2010 below.

Deadly reign by Swoozie666

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