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BAND: Deadend In Venice
ALBUM: See You On The Ground
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 28 2011

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German Death Metal rockers Dead End In Venice released their album "See You On The Ground", and I have to tell you, that this album is much more than  "melodic death metal" , to me at least, from the very first track they present songs which are a blend of Death metal, thrash, gothic and even a splash of Swedish d-beat/Crust; Annabell Klein lends her voice to add sugar to the salt of Chirstian Litzba deep growls of aggression.

Songs like "Long Way Home" have little relationship, other than Litzba's growls to pure death metal, and the track "The Monkey In My Closet"  seems to titter on a precipice which stares down into the mosh pit of punk influences (see video);  when the  songs slows, about a minute and half into the song, it changes into a tempo which should be immediately recognizable to anyone who has felt the slow build of a HB Strut circle during Hardcore Punk's "glory days" of the 80's. (This can be more clearly heard on the studio track rather than the video)

The guitar work takes me back to the rough edged beginnings of NWOBHM when certain bands that would end up dominating the metal world were mere newcomers, it's raw and powerful.  Especially during the opening to the track "Brain execution", I get the impression of Dave Murray shredding it up in a British pub in the early days.

Frank Koppe does really attack his kit with a vengeance, pounding it out with firm authority.

The song "Dirty Little Princess" is dominated by the soft, melodious singing of Annabelle, and could prove to be the song which could cross the gap from the Death Metal sub-genre to a realm of wider commercial success, also Kevin Klein's guitar work, during this track, is very much in the technical lead style of earlier heavy metal , taking the edginess off the group and presenting it in a manner that could be enjoyed by almost anyone regardless of their tastes in metal.

The album ends with "Tomorrow never comes" and it brings all the stylings of the previous tracks into one final presentation which can sum up the album and each band member's specific talents, melodious while at the same time hard hitting.

Achtung! Deadend In Venice is on the rise.

Deadend in Venice - Leipzig Werk II - The monkey in my closet by deadendinvenice

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