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BAND: Dead Ending
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Rick
Feb 01 2013

Now this kicks ass! This band from Chicago features Vic Bondi of ARTICLES OF FAITH, Jeff Dean of NOISE BY NUMBERS, Derek Grant of ALKALINE TRIO, and Joe Principle of RISE AGAINST so you know that they can play and have been around for a while.

These five songs are what classic sounding hardcore is made of, lots of power, emotion, not emo, energy and some wild playing that will get you excited about old school hardcore again. Only two songs break the two minute mark on here and the whole EP goes by in just over eight minutes, which left me wanting to hear more from them, always a good thing in my mind. The vocals are manic and shouted out with venom, the bass just is great and stands out really well, not something that happens often enough, the guitar leads are tasty, not too in your face, but they will get you wanting to copy them, and the drumming is great as well with powerful beats throughout the EP. This has such a classic sound and feel to it that I was completely blown away from start to finish.

I don't give out this kind of praise lightly, but damn, you really do need to get this one, possibly one of the best releases that Alternative Tentacles has put out in a long time, they know punk rock and they knew to put this out...good on you! Go to the band's Facebook and love it, not just like it. 


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