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ALBUM: split 7”
YEAR: 2010

Bad People Records / No address Contact Bad People Records

Written By: Josh Mosh
May 15 2011

Both bands call Denver home and DCH is the veteran band of the two having been around for quite a few years in some form or another.

 I believe Shane from ROSKOPP was even in the band at one early point. DCH deliver crusty metal fueled by power violence bringing to mind VOETSEK and similar styled bands.  The vocals are delivered in a dual of harsh bellows and manic shrieks.  Both guitar players and the bass player share vocal duties giving each song it’s own arrangement. 

Lyrically DCH come from a dark place in a world where society doesn’t give shit about them and they don’t give a shit about that.  This recording really captures their live sound well and tightens up their mid to upper tempo blasts of grinding fury. 

The members of this band are all veterans of the scene and are cool guys.

 Next up is DODSFALLA who deliver two crusty, d-beat stompers that sound like they were recorded on a boom box.  I don’t know if this is intentional or not, maybe they are going for the low-fi d-beat sound.  The lyrics to the first track are silly.  “Drinking to forget the future, smoking weed to escape ignorant society, Blazed and Drunkish!”.  That is literally the entire song. Lyrically there are no options or answers offered here folks, just mere observations of their dislike for society and appreciation of intoxicants in a somewhat clichéd and very limited manner. 

The second song, ‘Factions’, offer a slightly more intelligent take on religion. The music is kick ass d-beat crust that would make any crusty metalhead bang along with fist in air. But, again, the production is so muddy that the songs suffer.  A couple of years ago they put out a killer LP and I am sure they will be back with a superior effort in no time.  Overall a decent effort and I am excited to see the DCH guys get some much warranted attention.  Recently they even landed the opening spot on the SUBHUMANS/MDC.  They delivered a tight and powerful set and earned a lot of new fans as a reward!  

The cover art is pretty sick and features a cool, sketchy picture of some studded jacket punx getting killed by zombified, skull-headed, studded jacket punx.  There is a battle axe and some other gnarly shit too.  It also has one of those circles that the artist Mid uses in some of his stuff.  I cant quite read the name of the artist, I think it says ‘Adam’.  Nice job Adam.

NO MORE BAD FUTURE. Skull Skates est. 1978
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