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Written By: Dave
Jan 12 2014

A Saturday night show!!! For us old timers these rule!! The show started at 9pm with Bleed the Fifth opening up!!! This was their first show together and you couldn't tell. They took the stage and proceeded to get things going!! A 6pc band!!! 3 guitars!!! The singer and the bass player trade off with grind core growling vocals!!! The singer reminds me of Randy from Lamb of God!!! The drummer was pounding out the double bass just like it should be!! NO TRIGGERS!!! These guys play a technical type of groove driven death metal.

Next came Forlorn Creation and they were pretty tight. The singer had Glen Benton style vocals and sounded pretty good. They played a pretty fast paced set. Grind core ala death metal!!

Then came one of the BIG FOUR!!! Wait a minute... No it wasn't the driveled up douching of Metallica!! It was the four young guns of WARHEAD!! These guys have it down. They conjure up images of an early Exodus and Megadeth. I saw them open for E'mPire of Evil and these guys rock. They have got better since I saw them last. The lead singer/axe slinger has the front man act down good. If I didn't know it was 2013 I would swear it is 1988 all over again. WARHEAD have the look AND the SOUND dialed in for the absolute THRASH METAL ATTACK!!! Rumor has it these guys are slated for an American and European Tour!!! I can only say... CHECK EM OUT!!!!

 warhead metal

warhead metal2 

warhead metal3

Altered Silence took the stage next and theses guys rail!!! I had the pleasure of meeting the bass player and had a few shots with him before their gig and he was a pretty cool kat. These guys are a five pc that bring the metal. They have been around a while and seem to have to whole live show down. By the look of the flyer these guys were the headliners which would explain why the place cleared out before the almighty YE'IITSOH hit the stage.

Altered Silence

Ye'Iitsoh have a new bass player and you would have thought he has been with them for years!! Second song in they do a ripping cover of SATANIC SLAUGHTER's ONE NIGHT in HELL!!! These kids nailed it!!! These guys have a Kreator Flag of Hate vibe to them. They handed out some fresh from the cd burner eps!! All hand made and underground like!!! It's good to see that stuff!! Ye'Iitsoh has a big future ahead of them. They continue to improve and fucking kill the METAL!!! I talked with them and need to schedule an interview!! The holidays got me all out of sorts but am going to try to hook up with them in the next couple of week!!!


Get out and support your local metal. The guy that put on this show had a good line up. Entry fee was five bucks!! Where else can you go on a Saturday night and see that many bands. Let alone an entire line up that didn't SUCK!!! This was an incredible line up and look forward to the next one!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL METAL!!!

Ye'iitsoh - "For The Empire" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO by Alec Damiano

Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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