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BAND: Darkthrone
ALBUM: The Underground Resistance
YEAR: 2013


Written By: Wes
Mar 13 2013

Darkthrone The Underground Resistance Album Cover Art

Bad dudes. Who do they call for help when the president gets kidnapped? Darkthrone, that's who! I bet if the Berlin Wall were still up Ted and Gylve would've been parachuted in there yesterday to resolve things and that's even without a Rocky 4 to back them. Hearts and motherfucking minds.

On the 25th anniversary of their very first demo two bad dudes from Norway have really come into their throne. There are about a million punk bands who later went metal, more often for the better, but I really can't think of any other metal bands who even attempted to make the change to punk. Not with half as much finesse as Darkthrone has managed to pull off in these past 6 or 7 years.

The cult is very much alive and well these days. "Dead Early" sounds like GBH meets Heavy Load. Death or glory attacked by rats. As Fenriz bears his soul to those blonde, buxom bearers of mead he lets out an impassioned high-pitched wail. Wagons stay circled as the siren call of "Valkyrie" would echo through the golden walls of heaven. Stark contrast from the graveyard sluts of yore.

"Lesser Men" is perhaps the least memorable track on the album, therefore lesser, but that's at all not a detriment because even a lesser Darkthrone song is still a good metal song. It serves as a great introduction to the track which follows, "The Ones You Left Behind". This seems to be a common theme in the collective thinking lately. "The Ones You Left Behind" rides shotgun as one of the best songs on the album with the catchiest chorus of all six. That is of course if you don't consider the chorus on the last track, which because of the length of the song feels more like a verse than a chorus.

Gotta love any band with enough sense to work the word doom into the title of their slow jam. "Come Warfare, The Entire Doom" is unique not only because of its obvious tempo shift, much more in common with "Lesser Men", but also because Fenriz does this gurgle sound with his voice on that track that brings to mind Chuck on Leprosy. Totally on the opposite side of the spectrum from his vocal performance on "Valkyrie", "The Ones You Left Behind" and the epic final track. This strong contrast between each song on the album I think is a sign of maturity in any band but Darkthrone are far beyond having to prove anything.

Hear Dartkthrone, see Darkthrone, say Darkthrone. The Underground Resistance's 14 minute finale "Leave No Cross Unturned" is the pièce de résistance where Darkthrone truly assimilate the listener. The feeling I get from listening to "Leave No Cross Unturned" is not dissimilar from the feeling I get seeing Linnea Quigley strip over the top of graves in the 80's. "This isn't a costume! It's a way of life!" Nocturnal Culto hands Donald Pleasance the wrong tape, puffs his cigar, walks away without looking back and it's bedtime for democracy. Resistance isn't so futile after all.


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