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ALBUM: To Hell And Back
YEAR: 2014
Written By: Sarah Mac
May 10 2014

D.0.A. To Hell And Back DVD cover art

With all the fuss over D.O.A. since they've said their final farewell, it's no surprise to anyone that there was a DVD in the making and now we can all rejoice because that DVD is ready to hit the shelves this month!

With numerous hits and three locations around western Canada, this DVD will surely satisfy your D.O.A craving; which may be a necessity if you didn't have a chance to join them at one of their many farewell shows. Included on this DVD is footage from the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, BC; the Palomino in Calgary, AB and the Canmore Hotel in Canmore AB. All relatively local shows for the members of D.O.A. as well as many of their fans. Three out of four recordings on this DVD go back to 2011; but the last batch of live footage is the "Return to Chinatown" show, which took place at the Rickshaw in Vancouver in 2013. It's also where they recorded their farewell album of the same name.

The recording at the Rickshaw (Vancouver BC) was somewhat amateurish at times, but the crowd and pit shots were totally worth it. Being the largest venue these shots were a great perspective to see and not normally captured in live footage; but of course we always appreciate the side-stage and "behind the drums" shots.

The filming of the "Cowtown Chaos" show (recorded at the Palomino in Calgary AB) was exceptionally good, shots from the ceiling were pretty creative; tied in with the fact that it was such a small venue, it really made it personal. And with the crowd rushing and sometimes jumping on stage, shots of the audience were abundant and you can't go wrong with that.

"Rocky Mountain High", recorded in Canmore AB, had the least amount of songs out of the group, but it was recorded well. This was another reasonably small venue, but with a bigger stage and almost eerie vibe to the recording.

Lastly, the footage from "Return to Chinatown". The recording was about the same quality as the first show, but the significance was higher. Being one of D.O.A.'s last shows before hanging their hats, and as mentioned previously, one of the shows recorded for the farewell album of the same name.

Along with all the live footage, they've also included a behind the scenes look at the recoding process and an "interview", although...it was cut short. As an added bonus, you also get D.O.A.'s latest studio album, "We Come in Peace".

So scoop this one up soon kids! You will not regret it!

DOA Rickshaw 2011 WWIII by MVDEntertainmentGrp

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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