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BAND: CypherSeer
ALBUM: Origins
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 27 2011

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Hailing from the Northeast of the United States, CypherSeer is a  band which has been described as a mix between melodic death and progressive metal, which I don't think is exactly a proper description for them; though melodic to be sure, they definitely have a power metal edge to them akin to that of Demons & Wizards, with a few fast thrash drum beats thrown into a stew of influences which produces a quite solid second offering to their debut  "Awakening Day".

This album was produced by Fredrik Nordstrom (Soilwork and In Flames among others) and the sound certainly does attest to his talent as a producer.   Throughout, the album provides the listener with what they seek, an excellent dose of heavy metal.

What struck me was the band's abilities to change tempo cleanly, seemingly go from soft melody to a heavy thrash influenced shred fest on a dime; a fine example of this is the track "Infinite Trance".

As with all good art, each track really does mix up so many styles  that a listener could almost interpret it however they want to.  For example, on the track "Lost, Plague and Redefined" I hear, call me mad,  smacks of Rudolf Schenker in the slow, melodious guitar work as the song builds into a cascade of thrash/power metal.

With this second album, we see CypherSeer has added a new vocalist to the lineup; Zeno  Rodrigo, and he compliments the band well with pipes comparable to those of former Iced Earth frontman Matt Barlow.

CypherSeer has talent and yes, there would be many ways to describe their "style" , but in the end, they do their job well: putting out some good music which would please almost any metal aficionado.

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