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ALBUM: Eater Of Worlds 12'

Aborted Society Records / 122 East Pike St. # 1377 / Seattle WA

Written By: Attucks
May 14 2011

C.T.A has been habituating the Seattle scene off and on since 2003. These three guys are all originally from Colorado but moved over the years to Seattle and lucky for us they did.

This nice piece of red wax opens up with Zach, formally of the STRESSED and the CLUSTERFUX, pounding out some seriously heavy tom beats through the first instrumental song…I think.

 Some of the songs blend together a bit and the record grooves only gave me a vague clue. The a-side is a bit more melodic, where the b-side picks up the pace a bit with the first two songs, ‘The Scourge" and ‘Turn Into Shadows’.

Rob, formally of PHALANX, plays furious guitar overlaid by Dav's heavy bass, thus creating a real emotional webbing bordering on a wall of sound from beginning to end. Mixed into that heavy soup will come fast hardcore parts that give it a somewhat signature North West Coast sound. The mix of the dueling vocals brings another level to it. Rob belts out more of a sad moaning noise were Dav sounds like a Tasmanian Devil with higher pitched screams. The words speak of a bleak future and a doomed fate, if you will. There aren’t a lot of vocals, only when necessary, one song simply has the lyrics Construiremos De Nuevo. This three piece brings an amazing amount of texture to the eight songs throughout this twelve inch.

The type of riffs that make you feel there is some urgency to your depressive mood. Rob employs a lot of different effects on his guitar, hence creating a really unique sound, especially on the title track ‘Eater of Worlds’. A very original and progressive sound coming from this power trio. The back of the record has everything you need including a sad picture of the guys, lyrics, who does what and where it was done. I think this album smokes their other two efforts. It has been in heavy rotation on the record player. 

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