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BAND: Crystal Viper
ALBUM: Excepta
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Wes
Jun 19 2012

crystal viper band portrait

This album was my introduction to the little known but actually quite prolific Polish power thrash group known as CRYSTAL VIPER; old school, very old school. Straight up soprano, not falsetto, vocals from a woman who gives the King himself a run for his corpse painted money and, not to break any oaths here, but goddamn does their guitarist rip like Hank Shermann.

I was actually quite impressed with how much I enjoyed this album, which features short interlude tracks between each song, following in the tradition of the classic death metal albums Blessed Are The Sick and Testimony Of The Ancients. Each song is another progression further into a brutal fantasy-laden abyss where magic reigns and violence is god.

Very reminiscent of Bolt Thrower lyrically and actually I believe their music has been used for certain epic RPG games as well, if I'm not mistaken. This is their fourth full length album and shows off their tremendous talent and skills. If you spend too much time reading Howard, Moorcock, Karl Edward Wagner, etc you need this album on in the background, trust me.

Crystal Viper - Child Of The Flame // Crimen Excepta by BathoryFemale

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