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BAND: Crutches
ALBUM: D Beat Tsunami 7"
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Josh Mosh
Dec 16 2012

If you are from Sweden is it required that you are either in a kick ass metal or d-beat band? How does a country so small population wise put out so many killer bands? MOB 47 and ANTICIMEX are the obvious comparisons and those aren't a bad lot to be lumped in with. In fact, they sound a lot like very early ANTICIMEX but with much better production. Couple that with the spastic blown out craziness of some of the Japanese D-beat bands like D-CLONE or KREIGSHOG and you get a pretty good idea of what these corn shucking punx are laying down. They don't let it get as out of control as the afore mentioned D-Beaters from the land of the rising sun do but the temptation does, at times, rise.

At this point, we all know what D-Beat is and has become; it is still and intense expression of musical angst when done with love and passion and that's where CRUTCHES really get it right. By no means is this some slick polished effort like DISFEAR, that to me seems to have lost heart, this is the real thing crafted with care by genuine pissed off punx. And, in comparison, this isn't some piece of shit recorded on a lap top with by some kids trying to be cvlt or trve. They care enough to rehearse and mix a good sounding record but you know they are still wearing this shit on their sleeves and in the seats of their patched up pants.

A lot of times when I get turned on to a new D-Beat band they have put so little effort into their record or music that I often cringe when dropping the needle. If by now you have not figured out my stance on this record is quite the opposite of what I described in that last sentence. This is a great record and a 7" is the perfect format. Flip this bad rufus over a few times for 3-4 listens and scrape you head off the wall. PUNX! 


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