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BAND: Cruor
Written By: Rick
Jan 12 2014

This is a five song demo by one of Northern California's wildest purveyors of noisy punk, balancing layers of fuzz, feedback, rolling drums, and aaaaaarrrrgghhhh filled sing-alongs with great hooks and deceptively tight arrangements. You get song after song of angst and energy that is like a punch it the throat from a guy twice as big as you.

The five songs are well done and have enough energy to light up the west coast as well as being tighter than you think they should be. You get a hint of DEAD KENNEDYS in the last track "Looney Bin" and just manic fury throughout the entire demo. They bring back the sound of punk rock when it was wilder, more insane and for that I tip my hat to you.

This is the kind of band that deserves to represent punk, not these wimpy, over-produced bands that get hyped up as being the new face of punk...this shit is the real deal!


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