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ALBUM: split CD/7”
YEAR: 2009
Written By: Josh Mosh
Sep 06 2011

CROW rages from the land of radioactive sushi, Japan, and plays metallic, crust with a bit of dark hardcore thrown and have been releasing music since the mid 80's!

With that said they deliver two songs, 'Traitors' and 'Annihilation', to their half of this blistering crustcore release.  The music is what we have come to expect from CROW with the down tuned guitars playing chunky crust-metal riffs backed with pounding thunder from the skinsman.  The vocals remain gruff and gnarly while hinting at a sense of despair.

The lyrics are dark and apocalyptic and delivered poetically leaving the reader/listener to ponder their meaning and draw some of their own conclusions.  Lines like "Wandering in a pack, god justice and a son of a bitch" are powerful yet mysterious as to their meaning.

SEE YOU IN HELL was awesome live and they deliver a very strong representation on this split.  In fact, they come out on top as their material is just a bit more intense and powerful.

SEE YOU IN HELL hail from the Czech Republic and call themselves thrash.  They are thrash in the sense that the play fast and manic but they are not a crossover or thrash metal band.  They bring to mind some of the stylings of Scandinavian hardcore drenched in crust-punk.

The vocals scream out tales of despair in desperate manner that paints a bleak picture, in their live performance the nihilism is even more evident as the vocalist mimes shooting people in the crowd and even himself.  They were intense and even scary.

I have the CD version of this release which is just too short, it was also released as a 7" and that makes more sense.

This is a quality release from two awesome bands.

Crow Traitors by death frost

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