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BAND: Crime
ALBUM: Extortion
YEAR: 2010
Written By: Rick
Jan 12 2014

An EP from this punk rock band from San Francisco originally putting music out in the late '70s and influencing bands like Black Flag AND sonic youth. Now they're back together and playing as if they never left.

"Extortion" is the first song and it has that great old school punk rock sound that has just enough rock in it and the dirty and gritty punk sound adds to it giving the song a nice kick. "Crazy Beat" continues this sound and adds a touch more fuzz and chaos to the mix...fantastic! The last song is a collaboration between Crime and traditional Moroccan band, Gnawa Express. It's a longer song, five and a half minutes long that starts out slow and then kicks into a higher gear and mixes both bands styles together quite well.

This is a very welcome return for this band that most people might have only heard of in passing or on bootlegs. Go out and grab this one and hopefully they will keep putting out more great music in the future.

This is the kind of band that deserves to represent punk, not these wimpy, over-produced bands that get hyped up as being the new face of punk...this shit is the real deal!


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