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ALBUM: split 7”
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 07 2011

Longtime hardcore grind metalers have teamed up with legendary DIY hardcore, punk band DROPDEAD to celebrate the 20th anniversary of each band.

Each band delivers one song and both bands employed John Golden (NEUROSIS, MELIVINS) to twist the dials and make it sound rad.

'Runaway', CONVERGE's entry on this double shot of bombastic spastic on plastic) is an intense storm of hardcore twisted in math metal grind.  I've haven't spent a lot of time listening to this band and was amused by the unrelenting gnarlyness.  The guitar is very unique with it's sort of out of tuned like Greg Ginn bursts of weird leads.  They do a lot of weird stop and go, shifting gears timing and tempo changes.  To me that's the math metal part.  It's brutal but hard for me to really get into.

DROPDEAD rules.  I first saw them as a surprise guest on a bill with MDC and DEAD SILENCE in about 92 or so.  Last year my band had the pleasure of sharing a stage with them at the Chicago Apocalyptic Crust Fest.

DROPDEAD are legends in the anracho / DIY punk scene with their hardcore bordering on grind assault.  This track, 'Path of Glory,' is more in their punk / hardcore vein and is a furious hardcore attack in classic DROPDEAD style.

Pretty fucking cool release.  Needs to be longer tough...Maybe two songs by each band?...This is split release between Death Wish Inc and Armageddon.

NO MORE BAD FUTURE. Skull Skates est. 1978
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