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BAND: Corrosion Of Conformity
ALBUM: Eye For An Eye / Six Songs With Mike Singing
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rick
Jan 13 2013

Corrosion of Conformity An Eye For An Eye

Remastered and re-released first album by these guys. It's great to hear everything cleaned up and the band sounds pissed off and goes for the throat on this release.

The album sounds great, both the clean remastering job, and the great punk/hardcore/thrash on here. It's such a treat to hear this again, I remember playing this for my nephew who was around seven at the time, he was jumping all over the house and he had a great time listening to this, and so did I. No metal wanking, no pretentiousness, just aggression and they haven't been on my radar much since their early albums. I had a chance to do a review of their new album and I turned it down, but you bet your ass that I didn't turn this one down. Such a great album from start to end, even the bonus with Mike singing is great.

Go out and get this at any cost and wipe that crap that they've been doing since their early days out of your head. Classic all the way through!

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