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ALBUM: Self-Titled
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 04 2011

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As I was working my way through the first track I couldn't help but notice CONSFEARACY reminded me of the often overlooked Bay Area thrash/power metal old schoolers VICIOUS RUMORS.  Imagine my surprise when after checking their FaceBook page I found out CONSFEARACY boasts the same vocal talents as one Brian O'Conner, formerly lead pipes guessed it, VICIOUS RUMORS!

My favorite power metal bands are always the ones that ride the line close to thrash, as did VICIOUS RUMORS.  About the only things that keep these bands from being thrash metal bands are the over flashy guitar players and the over the top vocals.  Mr. O'Conner does a great job of keeping himself grounded with the tougher gruff voice too.  At times he really reminds a bit of James Rivera on the first DESTINY'S END album.

Power Metal can at times be a bit...well...overpowering.  CONSFEARACY keep things from getting too out of control by employing some cool, more thrash oriented riffs and as I previously mentioned keeping a leash on the vocals.  The track 'Fall From Grace' really exemplifies what I am describing here as Brian's vocals are just killer and in control the whole time.  He belts out high notes that would even get attention from Halford while keeping that gruffness in the back of his throat.  This dude is badass!

The fourth track 'World Domination' is a straight up thrash attack that will have your sweaty head banging and your fist pounding in the air!
The dual guitar attack of Fabian and Schwartz (his is bigger than yours) does a great job complimenting each other with tasteful solos that avoid detracting from the songs.  Again, too many power metal bands get too noodley and out of control to the point of silliness. 

CONSFEARACY know how to play it smart and at the same time play some high quality metal.  This is about as solid of a straight up metal album as you will find these days!  Well done guys!

Consfearacy - Pain Infantry by Powerglove3

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