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Written By: Rene
Feb 04 2013

iron reagan, hot graves, humungus, unsacred and occultist in richmond

Richmond has always been a city famous for the variety of its music, a bastion of the heaviest to the melodic; a fortress for the underground and destination for some of the most righteous road warriors in the U.S. of fucking A!

It has been recently announced that Saturday, March 9, 2013 at the Strange Matter yet another show of epic proportions will shake the very foundations of the city to its core! Iron Reagan, Hot Graves, Occultist, Humungus and Unsacred are gonna unleash some of the most intense face melting tunes in recent memory!

This will be for all of you who are jonesing for a fix of some serious fucking thrashing metalpunk, so you had best not miss it, 'cause it's not only a chance of a lifetime, you'll be the only schmuck in town the next day sniveling, "Yeah, I could've gone..." while all your buds recount their tales of how insane it really was!

We caught up to members from the bands and asked for their thoughts:

Tony Foresta of Iron Reagan commented: "I'm real stoked to be playing with so many good Richmond local bands as well as Florida rippers Hot Graves. Not only that but his will be our first show with the new (and first!) Iron Reagan full length available.

We are going to have a limited color/numbered vinyl just for the gig. I'm really excited that this is all taking shape on such a fun night."


Zach O'Carroll of Humungus had this to say: "Well I'm definitely real excited about it. We havn't played in Richmond in a while and I'm glad we get to do it with such a killer line-up.

This will also be Robby's(drummer) last show with us so we plan to make this a real good one. We plan to bring it as best as we can deliver!"


Jim Reed of Occultist said this: "We're all very excited to get wild with our first tourmates and old friends in Hot Graves (this show is their 5th anniversary!)and to be part of Iron Reagan's LP release, not to mention this will be our first time ever playing with rippers Humungus and Unsacred.

I hope no one has to work the next day because hangovers and bruises are almost certainly a guarantee! **Shameless plug alert**: Our debut LP "Death Sigils" is slated for an April 5th release via Primitive Ways Records, thanks!"


Tim Hutchens of Hot Graves: "This show will be the 5th year anniversary for the first Hot Graves show and we couldn't be happier to be playing in Richmond, a city that has always been really kind to us. And to be playing with Occultist, the band we played with more than any other band is awesome.

I also couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Iron Reagan release, finally get to play with Humungus, and to learn about Unsacred"


Adam Weishaupt of Unsacred remarked: "We are more than excited to share the stage with such great bands. It will definately be a night to remember."


ThrashHead sez: "YOU BETTER FUCKING GO!!!"

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