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BAND: Children Of Technology
ALBUM: It's Time To Face The Doomsday
YEAR: 2010
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Dec 02 2011

children of technology band photo

Though this album has been out for a bit, it's my first chance to review it and I gotta tell ya this is the album to be cranking when the shit hits the fan! After the dust settles on a worldwide economic collapse and ICBMs have been exchanged over continents in the name of natural gas and oil with the same ruthlessness and accountability of a bunch of children swapping Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards, you will be roaming the deserted post-apocalyptic highways of the outback in you never ending search for fuel, food and bullets with this cranking on your 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coup Interceptor's stereo which is attached precariously to the dashboard with duct tape and chicken wire!

If you packed the desperation of a dyeing world into a case of reinforced crust containing 150 grains of Anti Cimex / Discharge and toped it off with a pinch of Artillery (double meaning there) cordite the resulting ammo to fend off the ass-less chap wearing, mohawk sportin', motorcycle scavenger death squads would be a few rounds of Children Of Technology!

First track: "New Enemies To Hunt", bass beat, shredding guitar leads straight into a chorus, an anthem if you will...a few lines from the track:

" Killing... Tonight!
Ripping... Tonight!
Slashing... Tonight!

New Enemies to Hunt

Ready to Fight
Prepare to Die
You'll Not Survive

New Enemies to Hunt

Furious Atomic Genocide
Pray the Future burning High
Mark the Territory around
We are the Worst of the Underground"

Shit, alrighty then, let's get this 150 M.P.H turnpike road rage free-for-all goin'! Each song is full speed ahead, the band plays tight with a few old school punk hooks, guitars lean towards the metal side of the crust railroad tracks and with impressive mosh generating rythms; a great example of this is the change on the track "No Man's Land" at 2:52 (2:48 on the vid below)...again check a few lines of the lyrics:

" Gasoline fumes of motorcycle men
Roar of engines
High speed on the road... Turbo violence!
Dive with no control

Motor charged warriors and wild animals
Submitted to the holocaust
Screaming for vengeance on the streets
Hunting for enemies! "

Fug yeah! Children of Technology, I'd bet, take their name and inspiration for this album from the human condition as it exists now, a condition set by a self-absorbed world which depends, and can be at times, so blinded by, the technology which we envelope ourselves in; a cultural madness which ignores the fundamental realities of the world around us and which may very well lead to our own destruction and leave those who survive wandering the wastelands in a desperate search of anything which will give them an edge over others in a radioactive and foreboding world where it's man eat man...or perhaps they just really dig Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior:

" Doom!
Destiny at his end
Humungus strikes again
Consuming wheels as fuckers
Racing though the valley of death"

Either way, I'm gonna post this review to the site, share it across the social machines so we can properly enjoy it on our Androids, shave my head, put on war paint and fill up the mini-van's gas tank with global warming fossil fuel and play this at full volume on the old car stereo in preparation! But, I ain't puttin' on the assless chaps and loin cloth...that's just fuggin' nuts!
Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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