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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 03 2011

Apparently Chaos In Tejas is going far beyond just Punk. This year more clubs have decided to participate in the once punk and hardcore only festival, most likely due to the fact that Chaos is broadening the festival's scope a bit, including New Orleans bounce, Death metal, and Indie.  The festival is becoming more international as well, with acts flying in from around the globe;  even a Syrian pop star, Omar Souleyman, is going to make an appearance at Antone's  (on 5th st.) tonight .

Does this mean that Chaos is moving more in the direction of SXSW as a revenue earner for Austin? Austin is a town I know well, and I would assume any chance to promote the city and get people to visit would be wholeheartedly supported by  a culturally diverse community  famous for its colleges, food and hospitable, get down and party attitude. The more people you get,  the more money is going to be spent, and, in these tough economic times, perhaps that may be one of the reasons why the festival is opening the doors to acts outside of the genre of music it was first created around.   And heck, as you know, some of those hardcore punk bands can barely scrape by, getting a few bucks into their pockets to support their art and families can't be a bad thing.

Will it mean that it will become just like SXSW?  Doubtful, I think the city and Chaos In Tejas producer Timmy Hefner just wants everyone to be included in on having a good time, and the main emphasis will always be on the "heavier" side of things.

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