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ALBUM: Smoking Gun
YEAR: 2014
Written By: Rene
Mar 18 2014

Cody Foster Army Band Portrait

Last year I was introduced to C.F.A.'s particular brand of music with the mind blowing LP, "Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God". So unique is their style that it's been dubbed "stonercore"...and you know how important genres are to us music journalists, without them we apparently lose all ability to convey to our readers what it is that we're listening to...or it seems; as for myself, I always preferred coming up with ingenious ways to label a band such as with "blackened symphonic death speed folk core" over something simpler like; "It fucking rips!".

In reality, I detest labeling music, and C.F.A. is one of those bands which hail from such musically diverse scenes and backgrounds that it makes them difficult to nail down. "Smoking Gun" is actually their first album, the infamous one which has since become known as the "7-ll " EP due to the fact that there were seven songs played in eleven minutes! But, I must make this very clear to you, this is not exactly the same album, sure the track listing is almost the same, but Mos Generator's own Tony Reed went back to the original recordings he mastered and remastered them at Temple Studio so this EP is ready for a proper release worthy of vinyl.

Just a side note here before I forget; you'll really dig the animated label as you spin this badboy! Just don't stare at it too long though, certain, fearful, murmurs from the street has the urban myth surrounding it saying that there is some kind of unholy message buried deep within the animated images and a bewitching curse will befall the viewer which will then force them to do unspeakable things...such as come to the realization they've been listening to shitty music for far too long before junking half of their record collection... or become the willing servant of Satan....one of the two, I suppose it all depends on your mood at the time.  Actually, the label art, as well as the back cover art, was drawn by C.F.A.'s axe man Dave Takata! The cover art was done by Larkin Cypher. 

Also, the bonus track which appeared on the earlier version of this EP however will be available as a free download only to those who score this sick disc.

C.F.A. lays down some heavy, fast tracks, but Tony's hand in the remastering is most certainly noticeable and greatly enhances these six songs, so much so that it pains me to embed the old album here as a reference...but you gotta know how fucking rad these dudes are.

The first track "Divisible Freedom", before thundering down in a cascade of some heavy as fuck metal inspired riffage backed by a punk rock tempo, let's you know that this album has been violently coughed out from the gurgling funkiness of the underground with a hilarious quote from the flick "Kickin' It Old Skool".

There's something about C.F.A., the band inspires one to either breakout in a spontaneous fit of headbanging or trashing your room doing the ol' HB strut; just check out the instrumental "3 Prong" or "Buccaneers Review" (which is punk as fuck) where the seamless changes switch from metal to hardcore with the swiftness and savagery of a bi-polar honey badger.

Once you've heard C.F.A. one just can't "unhear" them, they'll stick with you like the residue from a nugget of San Fernando Valley OG Kush. I guarantee that, after snapping this load, you'll be grinning stupidly with contentment...you simply have no choice but to partake of Cody Foster Army...and it's legal in most states too!! (except Arizona and Alabama I think but, don't quote me on that.)

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