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BAND: Centimani
ALBUM: Aegaeon
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Fish
Jul 22 2012

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Colorado extreme metal giants, CENTIMANI, have finally unleashed upon the world their long-awaited first full-length album, "Aegaeon". From their inception in 2006, CENTIMANI have brought to the Denver metro and surrounding areas a discourse of brutal underground metal not commonly found here. Their style exceeds all forms of common and mainstream metal on every level, and Aegaeon is nothing short of a testament to that fact. With Kyle Francis on vocals, Jamie Hansen on guitar and backing vocals, Eric Van Langenhoven on guitars, Max Holloway on bass, Stu "Mouren" Puls on keys, and Isaac Faulk on drums the sound these musicians present is a full and heavy symphony of awakening plague and an epic journey into distant realms.

"Titanomachy" is a brilliant dirge of atmospheric genesis, including guest violins from Aaron Lande, that cannot even set the pace for the amzing direction this album takes. The end of the track is woven seamlessly into a piano intro on the next step, "Serpent's Coil", which, after a mezmerizing meditation, drops viciously into the battle arrangement, even featuring a vocal duel between Kyle and CENTIMANI's previous and founding vocalist, Marty Caschette!! Not once, but twice, does Marty make a wonderfully surprising addition to this already formidable assembly here.

The band presents one of the best compositions in metal music for their ability to really change their level of platform so cohesively. You can tell these guys not only know what they are doing, but were meant to play together!! The fourth track on the album, "Thyestean Banquet", is a wicked performance of dark, syrupy metal from these brilliant titans, and is complete with one of the most amazing performances of Kyle's vocal range and tempo, proving that his inclusion into this band id going to catapult them even fiercely further!! There is nothing but good I have to say about these guys! The dark elements and extremely competent musicianship is all here.

Released on June 29, 2012, this self-released masterpiece was recorded and mixed by none other than Steve Goldberg of Cephalic Carnage, and mastered by Matt Kogle, and all 8 tracks are beautifully enclosed in in a lavish jewel case, featuring artwork by Thomas Cole.

CENTIMANI are enjoying the opportunity to play numerous shows in their local area, and are interested in entertaining tour booking. They can be found and followed on Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud.  Any booking inquiries can be directed HERE.

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