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BAND: Cannabis Corpse
ALBUM: Beneath The Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Josh Mosh
Jun 30 2011

In case you didn't know CANNABIS CORPSE is somewhat of a parodic Death Metal band compromised of some dudes from MUNICIPAL WASTE and crust / metal / punx PARASYTIC as well as a few other acts. 

I say they are somewhat of a parody because although there are certainly strong elements of humor, such as the aping of CANNIBAL CORPSE, (and with this most recent effort) DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL song titles, there is also a seriousness buried in there as they tackle serious subject matter such as legalization issues with tracks like 'Blame it On the Bud'. 

The opposition's take on legalization is that it will increase criminal activity when reality shows that any criminal activity is actually a bi-product of the fairly harmless drug being illegal in the first place.  Make it legal and you remove the whole thug, gangsta issue.  CANNABIS CORPSE play old-school Death Metal that is tight as fuck!  I find a lot of Death Metal today to be very boring, it lacks the energy and sometimes speed of the early Death Metal bands as they plod along.   

NILE used to bore the fuck out of me. I remember how exciting early Death Metal was, I was a punk rocker but one of my best friends (Death Metal Dave) was always cranking the newest Death Metal (and KISS ALIVE).  We had fun exploring each new release, more brutal and aggressive than the last one. The early 90's were the shit in this regard! CANNIBAS CORPSE keep the songs shorter, rarely clocking in at more than 3 minutes and each song is packed full of pure headbanging, punk rock aggression.  Yup, I said PUNK ROCK mofo!  Again, early Death Metal borrowed as much from Punk as it did Thrash Metal or any other kind of metal and CANNABIS CORPSE does an amazing job of capturing that aggression and angst. 

This combination coupled with their sense of humor makes for an excitingly, entertaining album.  The musicianship is executed with brilliance, it is completely flawless while the vocals are an amazing rendering of that deep throated growl that we are all familiar with but is so necessary to actually make it Death Metal.  I mean that's the main ingredient in DM, right? Serious Death Metal dudes should not pass this band over, I urge them to stop watching zombie movies on Netflix and make the trip to the local record store for a copy of this reefer reeking slab of heavy-fucking-metal! Or stop with the online porn and go to Tank Crimes and order it.  But...Be warned!  The actually release date is July 12th, but you can pre-order it from the Tank Crimes site now.  \m/

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