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BAND: Cauldron
ALBUM: Burning Fortune
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 06 2011

Shhhhh...No one tell these dudes it's not 1982!  Wow...The glory days of Metal.  There was no thrash, power or hair Metal; it was all just Heavy (fucking!) Metal.  CAULDRON subscribe to the early Metal formula of charged up hard rock hell bent on beer, denim, leather and partying!

Early 80's metal was bred and grown from the 70's hard rock scene and CAULDRON capture that, anything but, innocent era of metal.  Before all the sub-genres came to be it was all Metal.  By 84 bands had to start thinking about what direction they wanted to go and by 86 they had to commit or forever flail in obscurity.

Look, not to be a dick, but lets face it...ANVIL is still wondering why they didn't make it.  Well, to start with they didn't have the songs, but more importantly they didn't commit.  By 86 you had 3 paths to choose from if you wanted to survive the decade.  Choice 1) – Thrash.  Up the tempos, turn up the distortion, listen to DISCHARGE and play Thrash.  SLAYER played PRIEST styled Metal before taking the plunge into Thrash, they chose well.  2)  Glam / Hair Metal – I hate this tag, a lot of bands unfairly got lumped into this category that got such a bad name for itself.  But again, a few bands chose this path and some did well retaining some integrity as they donned lipstick and high hair.  MOTLEY CRUE chose well.  OZZY looked like an idiot by the 'Ultimate Sin' and had to rethink his image over the next few years.  3)  Full on Metal Warriors – This camp was the smallest and where many bands foolishly thought they could fit, but this was really the toughest group to belong to.  PRIEST and MAIDEN ruled it, MANOWAR were the crown princes and because they chose poorly bands like RAVEN, GRIM REAPER and ANVIL faded away.  I know it's not fair, but that's the way it was.  If GRIM REAPER or ANVIL had committed to Thrash they might have enjoyed some level of success.  They were too ugly for Glam and just didn't have the chops to run up against PRIEST and MAIDEN, Thrash would have been their only chance, but again, they chose poorly.

Where the hell was I?  Oh yeah...This bad ass band from Canada called CAULDRON...

Comparisons would have to be the likes of 'Point of Entry' or 'British Steel' era JUDAS PRIEST or even (brace yourselves for this) 'Tooth and Nail' era DOKKEN.  (DOKKEN chose hair metal, but by some of the riffs and double bass on 'Tooth' they could have tried their hand at Thrash if Don would have stepped up a little. 'Tooth' was straight up Metal, go listen to it, I dare ya!) Sprinkle in some TOKYO BLADE or even RIOT and I think you get the picture.

'Burning Fortune' is meant to be cranked to the max while cruising in your Camero with the windows down.  It is a celebration of Metal and good times and a grim reminder that I am in my 40's and balding.  This CD makes me want to go get some Rogaine and start rubbing into my scalp in a lame attempt to grow some flowing locks with which I can bang my head in a hairy ball of Metal mayhem!

CAULDRON - All Or Nothing [Official music video] by Earache Records

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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