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Written By: Dave
May 18 2013

Cauldron band portrait

The venue reminded me of a basement party/jam sessions with your pals back in high school. After interviewing Ian, Jason and Myles I felt like I was back in high school!!! These guys are the kind of dudes I hung out with when I was younger. Sitting around eating, sleeping and playing METAL!!!!

Everything about CAULDRON screams METAL!!! From their rock n roll attitude to their stage presence! The show started off with some young kids from Tucson called A Perception. These young guys are very tight and energetic. They are a band to watch. Unfortunately I didn't catch the next band. I had the privilege of hanging in the big red CAULDRON tour bus and swilling cold Coors original with the band. The beer was now cold because Ian and Myles got a cooler and some ice!!! We sat and talked metal for the next hour. These three guys are living the cool rock and roll dream. Playing the music they love and being excited about it every night. With only a couple more weeks to the tour, they still had the attitude of guys hitting the road for the first time!!!

cauldron playing live

As I talked with them in the bus Ian Let me know that in Europe they normally have a driver for all of the tour. This enables them to drink and party like rock stars!! With them having to drive themselves here it sort of nips the over indulgence in the ass. I may have to offer my services next time they play here!!

Time to hit the stage and boy do these guys do it!! From the opening chords to the last drum beat CAULDRON plays every song with passion. Jason hammering his faux Rickenbacher and Ian high legging his flying v! Myles rounds out the energy with his thunderous can bashing!! The sound was pretty good for being in an old basement. The vox could have been louder and fine tuned but that may be just an old deaf bastard talking.

Ian jamming

They played all the hits and some older ones. Nightbringer got the crowd moving as did All or Nothing!!! They even threw in a Rush cover!!! My only complaint is I should have requested Chained up in Chains while I was drinking beers in the bus with them. CAULDRON play live just as they do on albums; Sometimes band are either really good on album and not so good live or vice versa. CAULDRON are not one of these bands. Their live show has the same HUGE wall of music sound that their albums do. I don't know how this three piece makes it sound like they are a five piece but they do. Ian has the Heavy Metal guitar stance and sound down to a T!! Jason pulls off the singing and playing frontman perfectly and Myles is an absolute king behind his kit!! You will get the 80's remake comments from some people. But not me. CAULDRON are playing HEAVY METAL their way!!! CAULDRON definitely throws a nod to the old school but definitely bring life into our little circle of METAL!!!

After the show I had the privilege of driving Myles to a bar for a night cap with the rest of the guys. We ended up drinking the remainder of the Coors original under the stars in my back yard til 3 in the morning. Everybody was up and ready to rock and roll Saturday morning for their drive to New Mexico. We talked METAL over eggs and bacon while watching METAL MANIA on Vh1 classic!! HEAVY METAL is alive with CAULDRON!!!

Dave hanging out with Cauldron

Bottom line is at the very least pick up a copy of TOMMOROW'S LOST!! But by all means, if CAULDRON comes to a town near you... GET TO THE SHOW!! These guys do not disappoint and are a force to be reckoned with LIVE!!!!!

Myles on drums!

Cauldron - Relentless Temptress by Earache Records

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