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Written By: Dave
May 18 2013

Cauldron at the record store buyin some vinyl

First off I want to thank Jason, Ian and Myles for taking the time to chat with me before and after the show. Actually I hung out with them all night and it was great. Talking music with metal heads is one of my favorite pastimes!!! I sat down with Jason Decay, Ian Chains and Myles Deck and chatted over some fresh made burros and tacos before the show:

Dave having a few drinks with da boys

ThrashHead: How old are you guys?

Myles: I am 30 TODAY. Today is my Birthday.

Ian: I am also 30.

Jason: I'm 32.

ThrashHead: Where in Canada are you from?

Ian: Toronto.

ThrashHead: How is the tour going?

Jason: It's going good. We've been going for 4 weeks and have another week lefts and it's been going really good for us. This is our first Canada/US tour that we have been headlining. With the exception of a few East Coast shows with Diamond Head.

ThrashHead: How was that?

Jason: It was great. We started the tour in New York with Diamond Head and broke off with them in Chicago.

ThrashHead: Did they tear it up pretty good live?

Jason: Yeah, They were great. They still got it.

Ian: There is only one original member.

ThrashHead: That's what I thought.

Ian: The singer sounds like Sean Harris. They are all cool guys.

ThrashHead: You guys have day jobs?

Ian: I don't.

Myles: I'm hustling everyday.

ThrashHead: That's a day job.

Ian: I got fired before this tour that's why.

Jason: I do landscaping/ gardening. It's pretty flexible. I worked at Sears for over ten years. Sorta got fired just before we went to Europe last fall. So I went to landscaping, it pays more and is more flexible.

ThrashHead: Influences?

Jason: It's a long list.

Ian: I am going to say for me it is Savatage.

ThrashHead: Your favorite album of theirs?

Ian: Sirens

Myles: That first Danzig record. That's it. It's my only influence. Chuck Biscuits.

Jason: All kinds of stuff, Bud. Talic, Jovi (laughter from Ian), Priest, Sabbath a lot of classic stuff. Lot of early Metal Blade stuff like Savage Grace, Obsession, Fates Warning.

Ian: Omen

Jason: Virgin Steele

ThrashHead: I just read, in Iron Fist magazine that you guys were in, that Omen was getting back together and looking to do some stuff.

Jason: I think they just played Ragnarok in Chicago. Like a week ago.

ThrashHead: Your videos? Whose ideas are for the videos?

Jason: We get together with our director and sorta collaborate. Throw ideas back and forth. Try to come up with something that has replay value.

ThrashHead: I love Chained up in Chains.

Jason: That's just the live video.

ThrashHead: Then there's Nightbringer.

Ian: And there's All or Nothing. Our work video.

ThrashHead: And I have to say the Lizzy Borden video in the bed room at the beginning fucking rules.

Jason: You got good eyes.

ThrashHead: I love those guys. I am always looking for that on cds who you are thanking.

Jason: If you look really close the poster is autographed.

ThrashHead: AHHHHH

Jason: Heh. Did you catch that??

ThrashHead: I did not catch that.

Jason: Now your gonna have to check that out.

ThrashHead: American tour versus overseas?

Ian: A good show here is the same as a good show anywhere. There was a line of a hundred people to see us in Spain. Barcelona.

ThrashHead: Well, hellyeah!

Ian: Never experienced anything like that before.

Jason: it was more like a thousand. We either get a hundred people, a thousand people or a million at the show.

(Lots of laughter)

Ian: We do a little better in Europe. The hospitality is better.

(Dave notes: Mind you I had to show them some hospitality. I took them home to Casa Del Wright. Cold ac and clean showers!!)Photo: Dave's wife Amy saying goodbye to the guys on their way to New Mexico!

Amy saying goodbye to the guys on their way to New Mexico!

Myles: The catering is better.

Ian: Everything is taken care of in Europe.

Jason: here we do everything ourselves.

ThrashHead: Have you had any trouble with venues?

Jason: Not on this tour have we??

Ian: Yes we have definitely.

ThrashHead: More so in America?

Jason: Yeah we've had to pour beers on mixing boards and shit! Because they have fucked with us.

Ian: We've been ripped off. But nothing too bad.

ThrashHead: What cd of yours would I take to the proverbial "Stranded on a Desert Island?"

Jason: Tomorrow's Lost, for sure.

(Dave notes: I have to agree!!!)

Ian: Yes

Myles: Yes

Jason: It is our most competent and complete and most well rounded album I think.

Myles: If you were going to take another one I would say Burning Fortune.

ThrashHead: The bullet belts. Where do you buy those these days?

Jason: Military surplus stores.

Ian: Actually now the rock shops sell them. But back in the day you had to get them at a military surplus store.

ThrashHead: They are kinda hard to find here.

Myles: Really, there hard to find bullets in America? In Europe they sell them at the festivals.

ThrashHead: How are the festivals?

Ian: The festivals are good for us because we are huge fans anyway. We just want to see the other bands. So it's kind of a privilege to play as well.

ThrashHead: Are most of them pretty cool?

Ian: You know when you are annoying them I guess.

ThrashHead: Interviewing them while they have diner??

Jason: Most of them have been pretty cool. We have been fortunate to meet and sometimes play with a lot of the bands we look up to.

Myles: Living the dream man.

Jason: Like Diamond Head for example and we get to play with Metallica coming up. We are doing the Orion Festival next month. That's another dream come true.

ThrashHead: We can't say Metallica sold out. Who doesn't want to sell a shit pot of records and make a fuckload of money?

Jason: I would just like to make a living. I would like to live comfortably but I don't care about getting rich.

ThrashHead: I have liked the path they have gone down with their last couple of records.

Jason: Well if we could we would go back in time and play with Metallica in 1985. But we can't so we will settle for a gig in 2013.

ThrashHead: Do you guys hit record stores when you are in town?

Jason: As often as we can. As much as possible.

Myles: The tours are basically around hidden record shops. The shows are just something we do in between.

ThrashHead: you guys big vinyl fans?

Jason: Only vinyl

Ian: Fuck yeah.

Jason: Cds go out the window. We started our own label... Road Side Records. Don't give us a cd or it will end up on the roadside.

ThrashHead: you guys like punk rock?

Jason: (points at Myles) He's our punk rock guy.

Myles: I am a big Samhain fan. I've been a really big Danzig fan ever since I heard the Misfits.

ThrashHead: Did you see him get beat up by the guy from down here?

Myles: Yes, I saw the video. It's a pretty famous video.

Jason: I guess we all dabble in the punk. We are all Misfits fans. I like SNFU and some old punk bands. Minor Threat.

Myles: I just found an original copy of Damaged, Black Flag in Massachusetts. That's a pretty awesome record.

ThrashHead: Have you read Henry Rollins' "Get in the Van"?

Myles; No. It's on my list of ones to read.

ThrashHead: You're not working so you got time.

Myles: There are only two drivers in the van though.

ThrashHead: And your one of them?? Who doesn't drive?

Ian: Jason.

ThrashHead: Why doesn't he drive?

Myles: He's the lead singer, Man!

Ian: he's gotta get his rest.


Ian: He's got some legal issues. Kind of a long story.


ThrashHead: Do you guys drink before the show or wait 'til after the show?

Myles: We are drunk right now!!

Jason: We always drink before the show. We don't have a rule about not playing drunk.

Myles: We try not to get fall down drunk before the show.

Jason: We try not to get fucked up to the point where you fuck up the show.

Ian: The way I see it is ... If you are going to practice drunk all the time you might as well play drunk live too. Sooo.... I think we are pretty good at it.

ThrashHead: So can I buy you guys a beer on the way back to the venue?

Jason: By all means!

Ian: I got a case of COORS in the van but its piss warm. We will have to get a cooler and some ice for it.

With that, we ended the interview and proceeded on to the bar for some Black Cherry Ale!!

Cauldron - Nitebreaker by CauldronVEVO

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