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BAND: Catheter
ALBUM: Southwest Doom Violence
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Fish
Apr 13 2012

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May of 2012 is bringing with it "Southwest Doom Violence", the heavily anticipated new full-length release from Denver grind giants, CATHETER. Hell yes, that's right, after 7 years, they have put together 17 tracks of their trademarked southwest doom violence style of grind to follow up the barrage of splits, EPs and 7 inches they have always continued to unleash over the years. These guys seriously have done it again!! "Southwest Doom Violence" straight kicks ass right from the start!!

The album begins its opus with a haunting, even horrific mechanical awakening, just to pound it's way right into "Encapsulation", a dirge-like chant, giving way to a fucking rapid fire of blisteringly aggressive, gut wrenching guitar riffs, furiously validated by the persistently determined bass and explosively blasting drums that CATHETER never falls short of. "Prosthetic Mind" jumps right off with a catchy hook, bouncing right into the balls to the wall shredding fury these guys have brought from their speakers to yours for a decade and a half. And overall, "Southwest Doom Violence" is a heavy duty representation of their doom/grind style.

Due for North American release May 1st on Selfmadegod Records, and featuring cover art by Adam Azeris/Milk and Gasoline, this is a new effort sure to impress the sense out of CATHETER fans.

CATHETER can be followed on Facebook and Myspace, or contact Murder Inc. for booking requests. Also, you can get updates on when "Southwest Doom Violence" hits the shelves at Selfmadegod!!

Catheter @ Siberia, New Orleans, 02.25.2012 by espyvisuals

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