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BAND: Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul
ALBUM: Splatterhash
YEAR: 2014


Written By: Fish
Feb 03 2014

Cannabis / Ghoul Splatterhash split cover art

So, I never saw this coming, but what a bad ass plan this was! Tankcrimes has kicked out a split EP featuring CANNABIS CORPSE and GHOUL ironically titled "Splatterhash"! Ha,ha, not only did that tickle my funny bone, but this thing literally shreds the fucking couch apart as well!

As I'm sure you're aware, CANNABIS CORPSE run a satirical spin on Cannibal Corpse jams, but with an entirely weed centric theme. Don't let that throw you off though. These guys are a bad ass force of original material, claiming their own place in the metal arena! And they're growing a strong following that exceeds that of any parody band by serving up their own brand of brutal, straightforward and riff-centric death metal. To add to this album, they give two hits (pun intended) recorded in their home of Richmond, VA, "The Inhalation Plague" and "Shatter Their Bongs," thematic parodies of Cannibal Corpse titles "Evisceration Plague" and "Shatter Their Bones." The second being the most brutal of the two, with some hair-raising vocal bursts and a really creepy-cool breakdown! Is creepy-cool a thing? Yes it is. (Insert ominous definition here).

Ghoul always deliver a concoction of horror derived from their adulation for mad scientists, monsters, and serial killers; creating an image and a name for themselves since their inception that is absolutely unforgettable. This campy horror shock rock band fit right on stage with other costumed acts of the like, but have a really developed, heavy duty murderous blend of bone crushing, throat slashing, grave robbing punk thrash surf rock mayhem that leaves you breathless.

Recording their heavily armed contributions in Oakland, CA, GHOUL offer two massively bloody assaults to kick this splatter platter off just right. Their death thrash hardcore infusion contributes the tracks "Inner Sanctum" and "Spill Your Guts" to this disc. Both are amazing and completely rife with GHOUL's signature style, but it is the second one that even smells of early GWAR, whipping violently between punk and thrash, with the band's snarling, venomous vocals at their most ferocious. Thank you for the awesome slaughter, guys!

The production on this album is fantastic, giving an amazing balance to all involved elements and blaring heavily enough from my speakers to even give my neighbors the munchies while they cower in fear of their lives. I have jammed this four times now and I just want more of it! Fuck yeah, that's bad ass!

Available on 12" vinyl, CD EP, or digital format, "Splatterhash" is available right now through Tankcrimes for purchase, so what the hell are you waiting for? This is worthy of holding a special place in your collection!

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