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ALBUM: Divine Authority Abolishment
YEAR: 2011

Pitch Black Records

Written By: Josh Mosh
Jun 20 2011

This is the second full length release for Greek Black Metal merchants CHAINED AND DESPERATE (or CAD from here on out).  CAD formed all the way back in 1990 and as a result have a few demos under their collective bullet belts.  Recorded in 2010 'Diven Authority Abolishment' is their latest release.

Being from Greece and playing Death Metal the ROTTING CHRIST comparison is only too easy.  But with the melodies and clean vocals CANDLEMASS comes to mind as well.  The track 'Rely on Fears' has a really cool groove, you cant help but to bang your head, and that clean vocal on this track is hauntingly  somewhat reminiscent of the legendary doom metal vocalist Messiah Marcolin.

The third track 'Bridge from Theism' kicks off with an almost power metal intro with the drummer working hard to keep that double kick firing off, an intro that would even make MANOWAR proud.

With the comparisons you can see where I am going with this.  Really the only thing that I think keeps CAD in the Black Metal camp is the shrieked, evil vocals that are so standard for Black Metal.  Other than that this is a very diverse affair borrowing from Black, Classic, Doom and even Power Metal.

The production is so smooth the guitars lose any crunch, and with that some energy and a tad bit of the evil.  But even so Panos Chained is one helluva axe slinger, he has some really interesting riffs, listen to 'Chained' (a track that uses a clean vocal throughout) and you hear the influence of the mighty Glen Tipton, especially with what he has been doing on more modern PRIEST efforts.

'Divine Authority Abolishment' is the latest release from Pitch Black Records in their 'Blackest Pitch Series' with the first press being limited to 333 numbered copies.

This is a really interesting and unique effort, I highly recommend it for the more adventurous Black Metal and even Doom or Power Metal fans.  All three camps can find appreciation in this slab of Metal.

My last comment and biggest complaint is the font CAD chose for their logo, it's a standard computer font that is often found on Heavy Metal demos and independently released efforts. I find this distracting as it takes away from an otherwise very professional release.

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