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BAND: Brutal Truth
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jan 04 2012

BRUTAL TRUTH certainly hails from the metal realms of the grind kingdom whereas PHOBIA can call punkdom home. With that BRUTAL TRUTH fall prey to what distracts a lot of the grind bands from that camp. Altough tracks like 'Small Talk' charge ahead at breakneck speed while riding a cool groove many of their songs sound like what my garbage disposal sounds like when I turn it on only to find out there is spoon stuck down there. There is a bunch of noise and there is a lot of metal banging around but I can't make any sense of it.

Now that I offended all the true grinders let me also say that they still know how to kick ass. If they were to employ more of the groove that you hear in songs like 'Crawling Man Blues' I would certainly be more inclined to praise them. 'Lottery' has a cool punky punch to it, but seems to derail as they get further down the track.

BT make decent use of tempo changes to keep things somewhat fresh as venture deeper into the 24 or so tracks offered up this time around but often times it consumes the entire song verus changing gears within a track. Basically what I am saying is that they have fast songs (lots of them) and slow songs, but don't make much use of opposites within the context of a single song.

It's been 2 decades for BT and they are certainly heralded as OGs and I understand why, but I just can't get completely behind this release. BRUTAL TRUTH play brutal grind core that hates you and the pile of shit you sit in. I just wish they could do it without being so "jazzy" and while keeping my interest...

Brutal Truth - Gut-Check by The Grind Show

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