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10 Jan 2012

Tony Iommi – Iron Man (My Journey Through Heaven & Hell with Black Sabbath )

Tony Iommi is a guitar GOD, if not THE guitar GOD. And that is fact, fact does not…

14 Dec 2011

Off the Rails – Rudy Sarzo

So what if this book is a few years old! I just got my hands on it and I thought…

08 Dec 2011

ACE FREHLEY – No Regrets

He wasn't a technical player but played from his heart and played from his soul...

27 Sep 2011

One Second After by: William R Forstchen

This is a riveting tale of the end of times. Yet it is not based the same tired,…

18 May 2011

TRAPPED IN A SCENE – UK Hardcore 1985 – 1989

If you haven’t read ‘Choose Death – An Improbable History of Grindcore and Death…

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