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BAND: Bombnation
YEAR: 2009

Profusion Records

Written By: Rick
Nov 16 2012

Bombnation is a band from Quebec City, Quebec Canada that has been together since 2007, and continues the excitement and love of crossover/thrash that these guys have had since the glory days of this kind of music. These five guys just blow the doors off of the house with the rage and power that they put out in this release.

You get seventeen songs on this with the longest just over three and a half minutes long and the shortest at one minute and fifteen seconds and you just want more from them. This makes me remember how cool this kind of music can be and how much some of the bigger thrash bands seem to bore me with long, meandering songs, while these guys thrash away at full speed and don't let up.

The recording is really well done with a lot of clarity in the vocals and the music is very tight and well produced. The vocals are screamed out with power and the band just wails away behind with all the thrashy goodness you would want from them. This is a very good release and I hope you take a chance on these guys. You can check them out on Bandcamp, Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace and on there Official Site.   


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