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BAND: Blowback
ALBUM: Greed Runs The Clock 7"
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Aug 08 2012

cover art for Blowback Greed Runs the Clock 7"

When I first got this album, the first thing which jumped out at me was the superb lines of the cover artwork, which was brought to fruition by punk artist Shadow and Countdown to Armageddon frontman Rob Hanna (Aborted Society) helping out on the is strikingly beautiful and powerful with the two toads struggling over a fly, the work is reminiscent to some of Mid's (Deviated Instinct) work...the cover has done its job well; my interest is already peaked and I can't wait to hear what's inside!

Though a 7", this little disc packs a serious wallop, no matter if you're an oldschooler who is no stranger to early 80's American hardcore or someone who suckled at the teat of the U.K.'s crust or even Oi! scenes, "Greed Runs The Clock" is an album which somehow combines the various disciplines and schools of the punk underground into a four song set of angry dissent. Opening up with "Rats In the Middle" and ending with "Smoke Break" (which, to me, sounds like a more light-hearted bastard child of the Cockney Rejects and Dead Kennedys) the album superbly navigates an ocean of influences to present to you a steaming hot platter of no bullshit punk rock spiced heavily with some red hot socio-political commentary which will have your ass burning for a week.

Shit, you take "Cassandra's Lament" for example and you got the groove of NYC Hardcore yet, the spoken word against blind consumerism reminds me of the early bay punx...while, at the same time, the raging screams of "the smokestacks reaching into the sky" and the pounding drum intro points me towards the seemingly conflicting directions of the more volatile anger of Amebix and Bad Brains (Right Brigade)! What the hell can you say about something like that? How is it even possible for a song to stir emotions which will have you connecting the dots between such a diverse stratum of styles? This isn't intentional of course, they are just laying down, for lack of a better word, some sick tracks. I'm not the first to say this about Blowback, it's just that I can hear some of the best bands in punk history on this album. A lot of folks will resort to making specific comparisons in order to better explain to the reader what they are listening to, but I have to admit, though I can FEEL the comparison, I CAN'T honestly compare them to any specific one band while being 100% accurate...and that's a damned good thing!

Also, it's extremely worthy to note that the production value on this album surpasses most, the sound is full and rich which is of no surprise when you realize that the post-production was handled by Don Fury mixing (Agnostic Front, Quicksand) and Don Zientara working the boards (Bad Brains, Fugazi).

In summing things up; all I can say is this; Blowback has put out one of the strongest punk offerings I've heard this year, it's genre-less, it's just punk fucking rock! 

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