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BAND: Bloodshot And Dilated
ALBUM: Bad Intentions
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Brian Brinson
Jan 23 2012

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With the upcoming release of their second full length album, BLOODSHOT AND DILATED continue to define the sound of in your face, hardcore, street punk rock!!! With Rooster on vocals, Kamakazi Mat on guitar, Alina Chaotic on bass, Cruste Sean on guitar and Dyin' Brian on drums, these veterans of the East Bay punk scene have proven that their first release of pure, raw energy will not be their last by a long shot!! To the contrary, "Bad Intentions" is an audial display of brutal musical evolution for these guys (and gal).

"Born of War" rips right into the setting for the album; dropping heavy, crushing tones backed by thunderously slaying drums....and just goes from there. "Die Alone" is another riveting, wild ride into chaos and mayhem, assuring once again that BLOODSHOT AND DILATED are a fury of unbridled aggression. Aw, who am I kidding? I could go on dissecting all 12 tracks on this album, but quite honestly, there isn't a single one on here that doesn't shred!! This is the third time I've played it and I still can't get enough!!

Being a completely self-released DIY album doesn't make "Bad Intentions" difficult to come by either, as the band can be followed on Facebook, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, and has their own web page. This doesn't mean crusty basement quality recording either. No, no, BLOODSHOT AND DILATED have produced, once again, an amazing quality disc. Due for release Saturday, January 28th, 2012, "Bad Intentions" will make a well played addition to any furiously shredding collection!!


Punk, Metal, Hardcore vinyl records and Distribution from PATAC Records
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