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Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 03 2011

indonesian hardcore band bloodlines

BLOODLINES rage out of the South Pacific country of Indonesia and deliver raw hardcore. BLOODLINES was one of the first bands to really embrace ThrashHead when we launched so it was only fitting that we got an interview with them. Read on dog brothers!

ThrashHead: You guys pretty straight forward modern hardcore. Who are your influences?

BLOODLINES: Most of all 80's Trash Metal and 90's Metal Hardcore bands, such as Slayer, Sepultura, Indecision, Arkangel, Morning Again, Earth Crisis, Shutdown, Strife etc.

ThrashHead: What inspires you? What do you write your song about? Do you include any politic in your music?

BLOODLINES: Everyday life and self experience. Most of our songs talk about war, social movement, social destruction, life struggle and fight. And we're looking forward to write about the other thing (e.g : love song.......LoL )

ThrashHead: You have 2 vocalists, that's something you don't see in a lot hardcore band, please explain.

BLOODLINES : Maybe we want to be a little bit different with other bands. But the main reason about using two vocalists in the band is that we can give more energy for our band and for the crowd....

ThrashHead: Over the years you've had a lot of line up changes. What kind of impact has that had on the band?

BLOODLINES: Musically there is an impact for that change that we feel our music is more heavy, with a lot of different influence that we have personally, but still pull the same string.

ThrashHead: Where is Manado Bay? What is the scene like there?

BLOODLINES: Manado bay is in Manado the capital city of north Sulawesi, Indonesia.
We have only little scene around here, there is not much band plays hardcore, actually there's only two band. We just got a few hardcore kids...most of the bands here are metal and punx , but we try to survive and build our scene around here.

ThrashHead: How would you describe life in Manado Bay? How do people react to hardcore kids or Punx?

BLOODLINES: Manado bay is little city near the sea, the typical city that started to grow up just like another third world city...we think not many people around here knows about hardcore and punx . Most of them are always got it the wrong way, and thought it give negative influence throughout the society.

ThrashHead: What challenges do you face as a band in a third world country. For instance how much does equipment cost? What does a new guitar cost?
BLOODLINES: Yes we have issue around here, the cost of equipment is more expensive, coz many music instrument sold here is from US or China..in our country (Indonesia) there was a high tax policy for import stuff, such as guitar and other musical instrument...there was a musical equipment made by our local company that more cheap, but it a little bit below standard from the import equipment......

ThrashHead: Where do you play shows? Are their opportunities to play out of town shows?

BLOODLINES: We have a local gig around here ,most of it made collectively by the hc/punk or metal kids, we also play sometimes in skate event, college event, and sometimes at local rock festival....there are couples time we play out of town show but only on near city not far from our hometown and most of the show are collective show.

ThrashHead: What are some of the bands you like to play with?

BLOODLINES: Local bands, we have a couple good bands here in Manado we like to played with likes: SABAOTH (death/grind band), DEATH COMES TO ALL ( modern death metal), EMERGENCY REVENGE (hardcore), DURHAKA ( one of the oldest Black Metal band around here)........but if have to choose from international band we, really like to played with : The almighty SLAYER, MADBALL, TERROR, ARKANGEL, EARTH CRISIS and AGNOSTIC FRONT.

ThrashHead: Will you be able to leave your country to tour?

BLOODLINES: Yes we really want to have tour outside country, but there will need a lot of money to have tour outside country (Indonesia)...

ThrashHead: What is the craziest thing that has ever happened at a show?

BLOODLINES: Actually the most craziest show that ever happened when we play at rockfest a couples month ago, maybe in April...that was one of the craziest crowd we ever see, and the "special" thing that happened that day is : it was the first time the crowd made "wall of death", and it was the first wall of death in Manado crowd that was one of our memorable nite for us, and maybe one of the craziest thing that ever happened in our show, beside the other crazy stuff....heheheh

ThrashHead: Do other bands visit your country?

BLOODLINES: There was many hardcore/punk/metal band that already play in Indonesia, such as NAPALM DEATH, KREATOR, HATEBREED, MISFITS,NOFX, MISERY INDEX, SHAI HULLUD...etc....but sadly that bands only played in major city in our country such as Jakarta, Bandung and Bali...coz we live in a city far from Jakarta there was never an international band played in Manado City...

ThrashHead: What are your favorite modern bands?

BLOODLINES: We like to listening many modern band, and truly were not only listened to hc/punk/metal band, but we also like to listen to other stuff such as indie music, jazz, and rock bands..But if have to choose we like to listen to COMEBACK KID, SHAI HULLUD, MISERY INDEX, MUNICIPAL WASTE, BARONESS, KYLESA, HATEBREED, TERROR,...were not really listen to modern band, I think we more like the old school hc/metal bands.

ThrashHead: Is anyone in the band Straight – Edge?

BLOODLINES: There's only one of our vocalist who is a vegetarian for 10 years but he's not a straight edge, but as band we are very open and respect for the straight edge movement, we think sXe is a good ideology that ever created......and we fully respect for the sXe movement.

ThrashHead: If you are not straight-edge what can tell us about the marijuana laws there?

BLOODLINES: Marijuana is a illegal stuff in our country, there was a high penalty if you catch using or selling that stuff...but anyway we love marijuana.....hahahahaha

ThrashHead: What does hardcore Mean to you?

BLOODLINES: We think hardcore is not only about music, there was more than music...we think hardcore/punk is a music which has so many meaning and perception for what is all about, coz there was ideology , politics, social awareness, and way of life that spread around the world in recent year since hardcore/punk begin in late 70-80's, with that fact hardcore/punk is the music that really have something that interest people to explore the music and ideology, beside the musicality which contains a lot of energy

ThrashHead: Closing Comments?BLOODLINES: It's a thrill for us to have this interview, and we hope with this interview you can picture the scene around here.... We hope that we can have more friends from around the world.......

Have a listen to a track, check the video at the bottom (remember Indonesia is a highly conservative nation, look at these kids going off!) and hookup with Bloodlines on the following social machines:




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(AMframes Video)Bloodlines - Two version of Rebellion @Madfest II (2Cam) by jimmyharvey3

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